Improve operational efficiencies

Reduce fraud risk with predictive scores

Authenticate Users and Prevent Transactional Fraud

Identify transactional fraud at the point of purchase and use predictive metrics to score consumer fraud risk. Scoring reduces costs by allowing you to quickly determine which applicants require further review while our predictive tools enhance efficiency by automating the decisioning process.

Fraud risk management products and services:


Frictionless online fraud detection to identify criminals who look like valued customers with high-dollar deposits and mortgage applications—and compromise legitimate accounts.

Fraud Shield ScoreSM

Based on comprehensive credit data, this software scores an applicant's probability of fraud or default payment.

Knowledge IQSM

Combines challenge-response questions that can only be answered by the real cardholder with credit verification and scoring — a highly effective means of preventing identity fraud.

Precise IDSM

Identify and prevent multiple types of first-party and third-party fraud, including identity theft, synthetic identities, fraud rings and first payment default. Proactively manage risk by receiving complete insight into an individual’s identity, enabling you to identify new credible customers, protect existing customers and meet regulatory obligations.

Precise IDSM for Account Opening

Prevent new account fraud and account opening fraud with this software solution that allows institutions to rely on an automated system to help them authenticate applicants from both a risk-mitigation and a compliance perspective.

Precise IDSM for Compliance

Identity authentication procedures and fraud detection services to help accommodate Customer Identification Programs, Know Your Customer initiatives and mandates such as the FACTA Red Flags Rule and the USA PATRIOT Act.

Identity Element NetworkSM

Prevent current account fraud and account takeover with this risk-based, identity fraud detection tool that establishes intricate identity linkages across Experian’s broad view of consumer actions to create scores and attributes that readily expose fraudulent activity within existing portfolios.

Precise IDSM for Identity Screening

An essential verification tool that can be used to automate the authentication process during high-risk transactions, verify consumer information, streamline application processing and reduce fraud.

Frictionless online fraud detection

Catch fraud and protect your customers with FraudNet

  • Lower fraud losses
  • Protect the Customer Experience
  • Frustrate Fraudsters
  • Improve Operational Efficiency

CrossCore fraud prevention platform

Fraud detection platform with synthetic ID high risk score, incorporates the history and past relationships between individuals to detect anomalies.

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