Money Laundering Protection

Identify and analyze suspicious financial transactions

Monitor Account Activity

Money laundering doesn't just defraud businesses — it is also a function of international terrorism. Experian® offers money laundering protection systems that help financial institutions detect and monitor suspicious activity and report it using federally approved methods, which aid in investigations. Combat money laundering and meet regulatory requirements including those outlined by the USA PATRIOT Act and other local and international regulations.


Help prevent money laundering and monitor suspicious activity with the following products and services:


Analyze how money moves in, around and out of a bank or other business. ASSIST//ckSM identifies suspect patterns of behavior, creates reports and helps reduce the administrative burdens and costs associated with manual compliance processes.


Database analysis and reporting features let you prioritize suspicious accounts for more effective money laundering investigation and compliance. Includes more than 125 customizable database field settings.

ASSIST//Customer RiskSM

Provides an easy and efficient way to create a risk model that calculates a score at the account opening stage.


Integrated list matching capability that can potentially reduce the number of false positives. Provides detailed information on the match and case management, including an audit trail of all matches and the review performed.