Customer Segmentation Software

Customer segmentation serves as the foundation for many of today’s most popular marketing strategies. Regardless of the marketing channel or advertising medium, customer segmentation can help businesses:

  • Determine the appropriate marketing mix
  • Tailor messaging by segment
  • Create products and services that appeal to specific segments
  • Identify gaps in customer needs

But in order to segment your customers effectively, you must have the right data and systems at your disposal. Simple customer segmentation software based on limited data isn't sufficient.

Experian® offers a sophisticated set of tools and data to help you achieve effective customer segmentation, giving you a clear view of who your customers are.

Get a Full View of Your Customer Segments

Customer 360 generates actionable insights into your customer segments. It works by combining your customer data with Experian's rich demographic, lifestyle and behavioral consumer data to create "high definition" profiles for each of your customer segments. This allows you to understand and distinguish different customer groups better, resulting in improved targeting, messaging and campaign execution.

Build Smarter Marketing Strategies Using Lifestyle Segmentation

Mosaic® USA is a household-based consumer lifestyle segmentation system that provides a 360-degree view of consumer preferences and habits. Define, measure and engage target audiences with household consumer classifications that allow you to anticipate consumer behavior. Armed with these powerful segment definitions, you can prioritize and focus marketing budgets on your most profitable segments using the most effective messaging.

Improve Response Rates By Identifying Creditworthy Customers

Prospect NavigatorSM is an advanced credit marketing platform designed to help you build a profitable consumer portfolio. It combines the power of database marketing and business intelligence with fresh data to deliver improved prospect response rates while minimizing adverse selection of noncreditworthy consumers. Prospect Navigator offers access to consumer data via campaign management and business intelligence tools — Unica and COGNOS — giving you the ability to create and refine successful marketing campaigns.


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