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Judgment will Appear on Credit Report Once Satisfied

Dear Experian,

I had a judgment filed against me. When I found out, I contacted the bank and settled with them. Why does it still show a judgment on my credit report?


Dear SYZ,

Judgments are a matter of public record and remain on your report for seven years from the date the judgment was filed. Once the judgment is satisfied, the status will be updated on your report to show that it has been satisfied or settled, but it will not be deleted immediately.

When you settled the debt with the creditor, they should have contacted the court to let them know that the judgment should be marked as satisfied. If you settled the debt some time ago and the judgment is still not appearing as satisfied, contact the court and verify that their records have been updated.

If the court has not yet been notified that the debt was paid, you will need to contact the creditor directly to request that they notify the court. You may also inquire with the court as to whether there is any documentation that you can provide them as proof that it has been paid.

If the court has already updated their records, you can request court documentation showing the satisfaction of judgment and submit copies of the documentation to the credit reporting companies. Once received, Experian should be able to update the information on your credit report accordingly.

You may also contact Experian to dispute the status of the judgment. Experian will contact the court on your behalf in order to verify that the judgment should be marked as satisfied and update your credit report once the court confirms the information.

Thanks for asking.
The “Ask Experian” team