Information about Experian’s role in the Health Insurance Marketplace

Information about Experian's role in the Health Insurance Marketplace article image.

Experian provides the identity verification component of the Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment process.

Experian Verification Services is a group of telephone agents dedicated to supporting the identity verification function of the Health Insurance Marketplace.

In order to contact Experian Verification Services, you must first go through the online application process for your appropriate (state or federal)Health Insurance Marketplace and attempt to verify your identity (which may include a series of questions that only you should be able to answer). If you are unable to pass the identity verification step online, you will be given a reference code and a dedicated telephone number. Have the reference code handy when you call, as our agents are unable to assist you without it.

If the agent cannot locate your reference code, or if you are told your code is invalid, first of all double-check the numbers and letters in the code:

  • Your code may contain the number "0" (zero) and/or the letter "O". The zero is narrower — when you give your code, make sure you are reading out the correct one.
  • If your code has letters in it, make sure that the agent can tell which letter you are saying, as it can be hard to hear the difference between some letters over the phone (for example, "B" and "D"). You can make sure by giving an example of a word that starts with the letter (for example "D, as in dog".)

If you are still unsuccessful, you may wish to attempt online identity verification again, bearing in mind these tips:

  • Consider entering your full Social Security number. It is optional, but it helps to more accurately match your identity.
  • Check that you entered your primary personal address (the one you use for banking, utility bills etc.)
  • Ensure that you are inputting the adult's information, even if you are enrolling children.

If you are still unable to pass identity verification, you will receive another reference code. You can choose to call Experian Verification Services againwith your new code, or you can get help from a federal Health Insurance Marketplace representative by calling 1 800 318 2596. Tell the representative that you cannot get through identity verification and that you need to go through a manual process. If you are accessing services via a state Health Insurance Exchange, please refer back to the state website for further information. You can also visit if you need more help.

Questions and Answers

  • When are the Experian Verification Services agents available?
    7:30am to 9pm Monday through Friday, 10am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday (all times Central Standard Time)
  • My Experian credit file is frozen. Can I still go through identity verification?
    Yes you can, but you will need to unfreeze your file before you can be verified online. You can choose to remove the freeze temporarily or permanently. Please visit our freeze assistance section to be guided through this process. If you choose not to unfreeze your file, you will be prompted to call Experian Verification Services in order to be verified.
  • I can't remember the PIN to unfreeze my report. What are my options?
    You may request a PIN reminder online.
  • Does my credit score affect the identity verification process or my eligibility for healthcare?
  • Will the identity verification process affect my credit score or impact my credit rating?
  • Will the identity verification process appear on my credit report?
    Any attempt to verify your identity will appear as a "soft inquiry," which do not impact your credit scores.

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