How Experian Go™ Works

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The power to create your own credit report is now in your hands, thanks to the new Experian Go™ program.

With Experian Go, you no longer have to qualify for a credit account and wait for it to be reported to begin your journey to credit visibility—you can get started right now.

Here's how Experian Go works.

What Is Experian Go?

Experian Go is a new program that allows people with no credit history (also known as credit invisibles) to create their own Experian credit report—even if they don't have any credit accounts yet, like a loan or credit card. Getting a credit report is the first step in the process of building credit and getting a credit score.

Having a credit score is important because it makes reaching your life and financial goals easier. Many situations require a credit score as a way to evaluate your eligibility for things like taking out a car loan, renting an apartment, signing up for utilities and more. Experian Go is a solid first step that can help make these goals more attainable.

How Does Experian Go Work?

Experian Go is a free program that works by creating an Experian credit report in your name. Experian Go gives you options to get started using credit or getting recognition for bills you already pay.

To create a credit report with Experian Go, follow these steps:

1. Set Up a Free Experian Account

Download the Experian app and sign up for a free Experian membership to get started. You'll need a government-issued ID, Social Security number and live selfie to authenticate yourself.

2. Answer Some Questions

Experian will then ask you a few questions about your income, bills and spending habits to help you create the best path for beginning your credit journey.

3. Start Building Credit

Next, you can take action to start building credit. Experian Go will offer suggestions about which options may work best for you (more on this below).

4. Learn as You Go

Experian Go not only puts you on the credit map but also helps you learn how to use credit in a way that will build your financial power.

There's a lot to learn when you start building your credit. That's why Experian Go offers credit resources like educational articles and in-app tips that help you learn about the smart ways to use credit.

5. Get a Credit Score

You could immediately become scoreable with eligible payment data when you sign up for Experian Boost®ø. Or you can work to build up enough credit history to receive a FICO® Score , which you will likely earn in about six months. Either way, by following the steps associated with Experian Go, you're on the fast track to a credit score.

How Does Experian Go Help You Build Credit?

Experian Go helps you build credit first by creating a credit report for you. Then, using the information you provided, Experian Go will direct you toward your best options for building credit, such as:

  • Signing up for Experian Boost: Adding Experian Boost can help you get credit for on-time utility, phone and streaming bills you already pay—and could provide a faster way to getting your first credit score.
  • Becoming an authorized user: By becoming an authorized user on a relative's or friend's existing credit card account, you can benefit from their good credit history and start building your own.
  • Applying to a partner credit card invitation: Based on your answers during sign-up for Experian Go, you may be invited to apply for a starter credit card with one of our partners. Responsibly using a starter card is a great option for building credit.

Is Experian Go Right for You?

Experian Go is designed to jump-start credit journeys for those who have experienced barriers to credit or simply have not opened their first credit account yet. Over 28 million consumers in the U.S. are credit invisibles and prime candidates for Experian Go.

Experian Go may be right for you if:

  • You've never had an open credit card or loan account and have no credit history.
  • You just turned 18 and have no credit history.
  • You are new or returning to the U.S., have a U.S. government-issued ID and Social Security number, but do not have a U.S. credit history.

If you want to create a credit report to begin your credit journey, Experian Go is designed just for you. Get started by downloading the Experian app today.