How Does an Eviction Affect Your Credit?

Dear Experian,

I am trying to apply for an apartment but they say there is an eviction on my record. Where would I find this information and how do I dispute it? I have talked to the place where they say the eviction is from, and they show nothing on their records. How do I take care of this so I won't be denied due to eviction?


Dear NCE,

Experian credit reports do not include eviction information. The apartment complex you are applying with most likely obtained a rental history report from a tenant screening company, and that report showed the eviction information.

How to Find Out Where the Eviction Record Comes From

The leasing office that notified you of the eviction should be able to give you the name and contact information of the tenant screening company that is reporting the information.

If you have already spoken to the apartment complex reporting the eviction and they have no record or are stating that the debt is no longer owed, you should contact the tenant screening company to find out how to dispute that information and to determine your next steps.

How an Eviction Could Impact a Credit Report

Although your credit report will not show an eviction, it could include a collection account for any unpaid rent and fees, if the apartment complex felt that you owed them money and sold the past due debt to a collection agency. The collection account should show the name of the original creditor who sold them the debt.

Similarly, if the landlord of your previous residence filed a lawsuit against you for unpaid rent, the judgment that was filed may appear on your credit report in the Public Record section.

If you haven't already done so, you can request a free copy of your Experian credit report at so that you can see whether there is a collection account or judgment appearing on your report. You can dispute any inaccurate information immediately online with Experian at

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