Do Most Employers Check Credit Scores?

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Dear Experian,

What percentage of companies check credit scores of prospective employees before hiring?


Dear SME,

While employers do often check the credit reports of prospective employees, they never get your credit score.

When you apply for employment, the company must get your written permission before requesting a copy of your credit report. If you do give permission, the company will get a limited copy of your credit history that omits account numbers, birth date, and spouse information, or any other information that could violate equal employment opportunity regulations.

How Often Do Employers Check Credit Reports?

Although the percentage of employers who now use credit reports as part of the hiring process is high, those employers may not request a credit report for all positions within the company. For example, an employer may be more likely to check credit histories when filling a position that deals with managing money within the company.

Credit reports are also used by employers as a tool to prevent employment fraud and to verify your identity by matching the identifying information that is provided on the application with that on the credit report.

Keep in mind that although your potential employer may check your credit as part of the hiring process, there are many other factors that go in to the decision-making process, such as work history and education.

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Jennifer White, Consumer Education Specialist

This question came from a recent Periscope session we hosted.