Notification of Rights for Texas Consumers

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The Texas Business and Commerce Code requires that Texas consumers be given notice of their rights with written disclosure. You have the right to obtain a copy of your personal credit report from Experian online at, by calling 1 888 EXPERIAN (1 888 397 3742), or by writing to us at P.O. Box 2002, Allen, TX 75013. If you write to us, always include your full name including middle initial (and generation such as JR, SR, II, III); current mailing address; date of birth (month/date/year); and previous addresses for the past two years. Include one copy of a government issued identification card, such as a driver's license, state ID card, etc.; and one copy of a utility bill, bank or insurance statement, etc. Make sure that each copy is legible (enlarge if necessary), displays your name and current mailing address, and the date of issue (statement dates must be recent). To protect your personal information, Experian does not return correspondence sent to us. Send copies of any documents you wish to provide to us and always retain your original documents. The fee for a credit report is $12 (plus applicable tax).

You have the right to dispute information in your credit report that you believe is inaccurate. You may dispute online at, or by calling the toll-free number or writing to us at the address on your credit report. The account name and number and a specific reason why you believe the information is inaccurate should be included. Experian will verify disputed information with the source, which may take up to 30 days, or 45 days for information in an annual free credit report, and then notify the consumer of the results of the investigation.

You have a right to place a fraud security alert statement on your credit report that alerts anyone who reviews your credit information that your identity may have been used without your consent and requests that the reviewer verifies your identity before issuing credit. If an alert is added, approvals of credit, rental housing, insurance, employment, etc. requested by you may be delayed or rejected. You may request a security alert online at or by calling 1 888 EXPERIAN (1 888 397 3742). Consumers who add a 1-year security alert may request a complimentary copy of their report by visiting or by calling 1 800 360 7540. To remove a security alert, the consumer must submit the request in writing.

Texas consumers have a right to file action in court to enforce an obligation of a consumer reporting agency. Or, if agreed to by both parties, after the consumer has followed the normal dispute procedures and received their notice of the results of the investigation, the matter may be submitted to binding arbitration in the manner provided by the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

The purpose of this question submission tool is to provide general education on credit reporting. The Ask Experian team cannot respond to each question individually. However, if your question is of interest to a wide audience of consumers, the Experian team may include it in a future post and may also share responses in its social media outreach. If you have a question, others likely have the same question, too. By sharing your questions and our answers, we can help others as well.

Personal credit report disputes cannot be submitted through Ask Experian. To dispute information in your personal credit report, simply follow the instructions provided with it. Your personal credit report includes appropriate contact information including a website address, toll-free telephone number and mailing address.

To submit a dispute online visit Experian's Dispute Center. If you have a current copy of your personal credit report, simply enter the report number where indicated, and follow the instructions provided. If you do not have a current personal report, Experian will provide a free copy when you submit the information requested. Additionally, you may obtain a free copy of your report once a week through December 31, 2022 at AnnualCreditReport.