Notification of Rights for Connecticut Consumers

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Under Connecticut law, the cost for your report may not exceed $5.30 for the first disclosure and not more than $7.95 for subsequent requests during that same 12-month period. You have a right to receive a record of all inquiries relating to a credit transaction initiated within the past 12-month period. We must convey your request for investigation to the source of the information within five business days after receiving your request. We must complete the investigation of your dispute within 30 business days, or 45 business days if you provided us with additional information concerning the dispute. You may request the company name, address and telephone number of anyone contacted during the investigation. After an investigation, if you have reviewed your credit report with us and are not satisfied, you may contact the Connecticut Department of Banking. You have a right to bring civil action against anyone who knowingly or willfully misuses file data or improperly obtains access to your file.