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Brian O’Connell is a former Wall Street bond trader and the author of two best-selling books; “The 401k Millionaire” and “CNBC’s Creating Wealth”, he has 20 years of experience covering business news and trends, particularly in the financial, technology, political and career management sectors. His byline has appeared in dozens of publications, including CBS News, Bloomberg, Time, MSN Money, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC,, Yahoo Finance, CBS Marketwatch, and many more.

Articles by Brian O'Connell

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

March 7, 2018

Protecting yourself from identity theft starts with a solid understanding of identity theft actually is, and ultimately coming up with a forward-thinking plan. Unfortunately, too many Americans don’t take the...

3 Reasons to Pay More Than the Minimum on Your Credit Card

March 7, 2018

Your minimum credit card payment appears at the top of each monthly credit card statement you receive along with your new or current balance. Should you pay more than...

What Is a Credit Card?

March 5, 2018

A credit card acts as a loan that allows you to make purchases now and pay them back (often with interest) later. Read more about how credit cards work...

8 Financial Tips Every Veteran Needs to Know About

March 1, 2018

After facing the ultimate challenges in uniform, Americans leaving the armed forces may have the financial odds stacked against them when returning to civilian life. Here are 8 personal...

5 Financial Red Flags Your Partner Doesn’t Want You to Notice

February 27, 2018

Many relationships can’t take flight until both parties have a candid discussion about money. More specifically, that conversation should prioritize potentially troubling credit situations that can capsize a relationship...

Fighting Back Against Tax ID Fraud

February 23, 2018

The Internal Revenue Service reports that tax identity fraud is on the rise in 2018—and the IRS is warning taxpayers to be vigilant about tax ID fraud. Here are...

7 Things Lenders Look At Besides Your Credit Score

December 1, 2017

Your credit scores might not be enough for a lender to gauge whether you are a fit. Read on to find out the 7 things lenders look at beyond...

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Are They Safe?

November 30, 2017

Thinking about entering the cryptocurrency market? Take a read so you understand the full risks of digital currency and be in the know.

What Is Synthetic ID Theft and How Can You Protect Yourself?

November 30, 2017

Synthetic identity theft is the “fastest growing type of ID fraud”, representing 80-to-85% of all current identity fraud. Find out how you can stay safe.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

November 29, 2017

Why aren't parent teaching their kids good money management skills? And how can we successfully teach our kids about finance? Read to find out.

Shipping Scams That Could Ruin Your Holidays

November 20, 2017

With the holidays just around the corner, scammers are getting ready for their big score. Here are the most pervasive holiday retail shipping scams.

Try These Expert Tips to Protect Your Identity While Shopping

November 13, 2017

How serious is the threat of retail-based data breaches, and ensuing identity theft? Very. Learn how to keep yourself protected this holiday season.

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