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  • Experian and Eversource Energy discuss data driven marketing for utility providers. Learn how utility providers are increasing customer engagement by tapping into the largest consumer database to deliver more personalized offers to right custom audiences.

  • Make every contact count for you and your customers
    Document Published Date: Dec 15, 2017

    Enriching the customer data and applying analytics techniques to define the relevance of each possible communication to each customer allows the organization to schedule the most relevant communications to the entire customer base. Read more for an understanding how better engagement between the organization and customers can lead to stronger business performance.

  • Marketing Optimization
    Document Published Date: Dec 8, 2017

    Marketing departments are increasingly using analytics to predict and understand customer behavior, needs and preferences. But with the increase in marketing channels and number of different offers, it's more and more challenging for marketers to pick the best actiion for each customer.

    This White Paper explores a more effective way of selecting the best customer actions to achieve desired results.

  • Optimizing real-time marketing
    Document Published Date: Dec 8, 2017

    Optimization enhances in-bound marketing systems, processes, analytics and data you have in place today so you can fine-tune your customer contact activities to achieve maximum return on investment.

  • EducationDynamics improves marketing with data enrichment
    Document Published Date: Sep 13, 2017

    EducationDynamics provides marketing and information services to over 900 colleges and universities across the globe. They work with each educational institution to accurately target, attract and connect students to schools. EducationDynamics looked for technologies that could increase their ability to better match a student to a school.

    They chose Experian Data Quality after an exhaustive search for a predictive analytics solution that combined both first- and third-party information to better determine whether individuals were suitable for their schools’ programs.

  • ALDO improves email deliverability case study
    Document Published Date: Aug 23, 2017

    ALDO is a leader in fashion footwear and accessories, with over 1,600 stores globally. They communicate with customers via email and wanted to increase the size of their email subscriber database during the upcoming holiday season.

    Read this case study to find out how ALDO used email verification to ensure the accuracy of the email address collected at point of sale without interrupting or slowing the checkout process for shoppers.

  • The key to unlocking multichannel success
    Document Published Date: Aug 22, 2017

    The customer’s path to purchase will continue to grow in complexity; cross-, multi-, and omni-channel shopping is here to stay. People today use multiple devices for researching, purchasing, and returning products, and because they engage with businesses in a non-linear manner, they also expect their experiences to be consistent, no matter the channel.

    This white paper will detail how to manage data quality when dealing in multichannel environments, and how we can help you make a great multichannel experience a reality.

  • Database Marketing for Consumer Data
    Video Uploaded Date: Feb 16, 2017

    Your prospect database is one marketing tool—but it could be so much more. Experian’s Prospect Navigator gives you direct access to accurate real-time data and the analytics tools you need to better manage your credit-based marketing campaigns. Even more, Prospect Navigator helps you create highly segmented campaign strategies to identify the right customers, lowering your acquisition costs and improving ROI.

  • Why marketers should fight email fraud
    Document Published Date: Jul 29, 2016

    Email is one of the most effective channels for driving leads and revenue. But phishing attacks have the power to bring even the most sophisticated email marketing program to its knees, destroying brand trust, customer loyalty and marketing effectiveness.

    Marketers own the email channel. They have a responsibility to help protect it, yet it is hard to know how to collaborate with security.

    That is why we're sharing tips for how to build this relationship in our webinar.

    View now to learn:

    • What email fraud is
    • Why marketers should care
    • Best practices for collaborating with security to help fight back
  • Q1 2016 Email Benchmark Report
    Document Published Date: Jul 29, 2016

    Overall email marketing trends for the first quarter

    Key findings include:

    • Email volume rose by 25.9% compared to Q1 2015, while open rates matched or were above those in Q1 2015.
    • Unique click rates rose 8.5% over Q4 2015
    • 30% of brands saw statistically significant increases in transaction rates in Q1 2016.

    In this report's spotlight on section, we examine mobile text message campaigns and their performance over the past 5 months. Download the report to learn more about how consumers are interacting with mobile.

  • As marketers, we often find ourselves latching to fragmented pieces of our customer’s journey – an open here, a purchase there, a tweet there. Without a way to combine those touch points into a single and complete view of the customer’s identity, though, marketers can’t begin to craft truly seamless and contextual experiences. Understanding behavior, motivation and needs down to the individual is core to the success of any cross-channel marketing strategy, and it relies on that full picture of identity, the customer’s “DNA.”

    View this webcast to learn:

    • Why a single customer view is critical for brand relationships
    • The steps to building a single customer view
    • How our clients are using full customer identity to inform their programs across channels
  • The Australia-based not-for-profit organization Movember needed to scale their e-newsletter marketing efforts to reach global markets with localized and country-specific messages. By partnering with Experian Marketing Services, they were able to develop centrally-controlled templates to send 460 personalized e-newsletters in one year, a 300% increase from the year prior, reaching a 10% higher open rate than the industry average.

  • Bass Pro Shops, a retailer for hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor recreation merchandise, needed a way to intelligently interact with lapsed email subscribers in order to win back their business. To distinguish between truly inactive email addresses and subscribers who were simply not interacting with the brand, Bass Pro joined Experian Marketing Services' Email Insights cooperative, a service that helps marketers discover deeper customer insights from participating members. By overlaying global email activity data onto its current customer files, Bass Pro could maintain its positive sender reputation by avoiding truly inactive email addresses.

  • Watch this Experian Marketing Services webcast for an in-depth look into email testing strategies for your own marketing team. While competitive insights and benchmarks are invaluable resources, your customers have a unique set of needs. Learn why testing is important for your own email benchmark.

  • This infographic breaks down the type of device used by a multi-channel consumer when emailing, visiting websites, engage in social networking, and watch videos in a typical week.

  • The Email+ Playbook
    Document Published Date: May 13, 2016

    Email, while a tried-and-true marketing method, isn’t a complete marketing strategy. In this ultimate playbook, you’ll discover new ways to integrate mobile, social, display and TV advertising into your current email program.

    Download the eBook now to learn:

    • Why starting with email will set you up for a growing cross-channel strategy
    • Proven strategies for integrating your email program with mobile, social, display and TV
    • Requirements for building an integrated strategy
  • The 2015 Digital Marketer
    Document Published Date: May 13, 2016

    Insights from more than 1,000 marketers worldwide

    The 2015 Digital Marketer Report provides trends, benchmarks, best practice examples and insights from our expert analysts on topics such as:

    • How the top challenges to cross-channel marketing can also be your biggest opportunities
    • Identifying your customers regardless of channel or device
    • Planning and orchestrating customer-centric cross-channel campaigns
  • The 2016 Digital Marketer
    Document Published Date: May 13, 2016

    The 2016 Digital Marketer Report covers the top challenges and priorities of marketers today, with a special focus on what we heard from executive-level marketers at enterprise companies. The research includes insights from more than 1,100 marketers around the world, plus Experian Marketing Services’ expert analysts.

  • 2016 Relevancy Ring ESP Buyers Guide Positions Experian #1
    Document Published Date: May 13, 2016

    The Relevancy Group’s annual assessment of email marketing service providers has been released for 2016, and Experian Marketing Services took the top spot in the report among all vendors, coming out as both the largest ESP and #1 in the Leader’s Ring.

    Our top placement can be attributed to a number of positives, including:

    • Most native functionality of all vendors in both omnichannel and content/personalization tools categories
    • More than 2X the data centers of any other vendor
    • Client satisfaction across the board – Experian Marketing Services received multiple client satisfaction awards in seven categories, and all clients boasted about the partnership they share with Experian