Next-generation collections calls for process modernization, advanced customer segmentation strategies, and digital channel options. Is your business set up for success?

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Collections costs


Data access


Now you can integrate a broad range of data, attributes, scores, and next best action decisioning solutions to enhance and expedite collections efforts across your portfolio.


Collections is a complex process in transition and is affected by both internal and external drivers. Businesses need to optimize scarce resources to produce the best collection outcomes for themselves and their consumers. Maximizing recoveries and increasing the amount of cash collected is balanced with needing to provide a positive customer experience that enables a personalized and relevant journey for consumers.

External drivers such as market instability and regulatory compliance requirements place even greater pressure on organizations. With economic conditions changing comes increased financial stress on households, who otherwise may not have ended up in your collections process. Regulators are continuously focusing on the fair treatment of consumers and outreach strategies.

A customer landing in collections doesn't have to be the end of your relationship, or a drain on your internal resources. By modernizing your collections strategies with Experian’s collection management software and analytics, you can execute a customer focused, personalized strategy to maximize recovery rates while automating your processes. Through rich data and diverse sources, you can gather credit, behavioral, and contact channel preferences to gain a complete view of your individual customers. With this insight, you will more accurately predict default and propensity to pay, determine the best next action, and therefore prioritize your collections activities with confidence.



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Recession-proof your portfolio
Prepare to proactively manage your portfolios, strengthen collections capabilities, and increase staff capacity before the inevitable next recession.


Collections analytics for better strategies
Contact the right person at the right time through the right channel with automation and next best action capabilities.


Increase right party contact rates
Locate consumers with skip tracing data, consumer credit data, and alternative data sources.


Manage collection efforts
Monitor your collections portfolio and receive notifications if changes occur that may allow for payment to be collected.


Learn how to effectively manage every contact you make by optimizing your strategy in this Experian prospective.

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