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"We recommend Experian to anybody like us who is looking for products and we also try to recommend Experian products at credit unions for those products that are institution-specific."

Rick Slater, Chief Operating Officer
Northeast Member Business Services

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Gain the flexibility to spread and analyze financial statements from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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Providing Products Arcoss a Wide Spectrum of Customers

What Your Peers Are Saying: Northeast Member Business Services

Rick Slater, Chief Operating Officer, Northeast Member Business Services

We serve the credit union industry. We’re an outsource information company serving members in primarily the northeastern United States that need business loans and lines of credit.


Our biggest challenges are supporting the credit unions with specific products that they need in their markets and that may vary from small-town credit unions that need local products for a plumber or an electrician to large metropolitan areas that need commercial real-estate loans. Those are really a challenge for us to provide a spread of products that serve a vast variety of members.

Core solutions

We’ve implemented Bank2Business many years ago, back in 2005. We added Statement Analyzer in 2008, and we’re taking a look at One Point and a couple of other products at this time. They have all been great for us. We’ve had nothing but great success with Experian since the day we were founded. We recommend Experian to anybody like us who is looking for products, and we also try to recommend Experian products at credit unions for those products that are institution-specific.

The results

The results with Experian products have really been terrific. We’ve been able to provide great loan products for our credit unions. We’ve been able to provide great portfolio management tools for our credit unions, and, also, we’ve been able to provide great reports for our credit unions so that they can see that not only are we providing products that their members want, but also the results in the portfolio, and perhaps that gives them an opportunity to sell other products they have or may want to have. And when they want new products, we try to push Experian products through them.

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