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Carl Rohr, Sound Credit Union

Four years ago we did a credit score validation. We provided Experian with all of the data. We were working with a particular analyst; he did a fantastic job. We got a report, thenwe spent a lot of time over the phone with him analyzing and understanding it. It helped us set our credit tiers, as well as the margin, the pricing, between them as well as our underwriting cutoffs. We’ve had outstanding results since that time. Our losses have come down. Our delinquencies have come down. Our approval rate has gone up. So it was extremely successful.

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Jade Beckman, Mountain America Credit Union

We make use of Income Insight. We’ve incorporated that into our underwriting and use it for ability-to-pay issues. I was intrigued by the concept because we had previously, as much of the industry, had a stated income. i.e. “If the credit score is above x, then we don’t even ask for verification of income.” Income Insight gave us a nice middle ground that we could use and not really go to stated income, but have something quantifiable behind that to say, “If credit is x, and request is x and loan to value is x,  and Income Insight is within x of what they state their income is, we’re good.

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