Credit Union Portfolio Management Success

Find out what credit union professionals have to say about working with Experian to create effective portfolio management strategies.


Portfolio Management. Deeper, more profitable relationships.

Pinpoint risk: Reveal hidden trends. Identify cross-sell opportunities. Offset potential losses.

Carrie Shumway, Arizona Federal Credit Union

We also use the Quest file, we have a quarterly Quest.

Meet your members’ individual needs.

Jade Beckman, Mountain America Credit Union

One thing we try to do is take a deeper dive on our Quest data to really try to understand what relationships these members have and how we can better deepen our relationship we have with them.

Experian’s Consultants: Practical advice, guidance and detailed action planning.

Carol Rohr, Sound Credit Union

Utilizing some assistance from analysts at Experian, set criteria as far as when we would reduce lines of credit.

Strategy Planning: Control bad debt. Faster speed to  market. Greater operational efficiency.

Carrie Shumway

The Quest information helps us determine how those members have carried their house of finance. If they’re going to potentially cause a potential issue in the future, we’re able to take action.






Experian's Global Consulting Practice

Discover how an Experian business consultant can help your organization strengthen your credit and fraud risk management strategies and processes.

QuestSM Portfolio Management

Pinpoint the risks associated with individual accounts and reveal hidden trends in your portfolio.

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