Find out what credit union professionals have to say about Experian's role in helping them achieve profitable growth.


Ron Guzman, Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union

When I think of Experian, what comes to mind is the service.

Carrie Shumway, Arizona Federal Credit Union

We’ve invested a lot with Experian, and Experian has invested a lot with us.

Carol Rohr, Sound Credit Union

One of the big drivers, as far as our decision to utilize Experian, has been the level of expertise.

Jim Block, Baxter Credit Union

Experian has been a terrific business partner of our credit union for many many many years.

Jade Beckman, Mountain America Credit Union

One of the reasons I like Experian over the competitors is really the personal service that I get.

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Ron Guzman

They are always there to help me, but help me at lightning speeds.

Carrie Shumway

Experian understands what we’re trying to accomplish. And this isn’t about understanding the credit union vertical. This is about understanding Arizona Federal Credit Union and what we’re trying to accomplish.

Jim Block

They’re constantly evolving what their product lines are, and they’re looking for continuous improvement with regards to new tools that will help me make sure I’m making the right decisions.

Carol Rohr

We even have a local Experian get together once a year in our market.

Jim Block

The quality of their data has always been top notch.

Carol Rohr

We’ve been able to stay on top of a lot of trends.

Jade Beckman

They’re my primary credit bureau.

Carrie Shumway

There’s a long standing relationship, but there’s a trust with the data integrity and the partnership we’ve had over all these years. There’s a value to that.

Ron Guzman

They make us feel like we are so important, and that’s why we stay.

"We've invested a lot with Experian, and Experian has invested a lot with us."

-Carrie Shumway, Arizona Federal Credit Union

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