Debt Recovery Expertise: Celebrating Success

Find out what collections professionals have to say about Experian's role in helping them locate elusive debtors and collect unpaid debt.


Mike Cushing
Fourscore Resource Capital
The industry is changing dramatically.

Jacques Machol
Machol & Johannes LLC
Experian has been a mainstay of our firm.

LaDonna Bohling
Contract Callers
They have been able to cater, if you will, to our needs.

Data | Insight | Analytics | Consulting

Mike Cushing
They're integrated into how we do business.

Jacques Machol
We've used the Experian scoring models to help us segment portfolios. That allows us to better work for our clients.

Mike Cushing
To us it's worth it. The ROI is there.

Committed to your growth

LaDonna Bohling
They're always trying to be innovative and proactive and seem to be very receptive and caring about what goes on in the Collection industry as far as our concerns.

Mike Cushing
Summing it up, we look at Experian as being a partner.

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