Fraud Risk Assessment

As the frequency and sophistication of data breaches and other types of cyberattacks continue to grow, fraud risk assessments no longer are optional; they’ve become an essential business process. In fact, lack of sound fraud management processes can threaten the very viability of a business.

When it comes to fraud management, business leaders have learned the importance of being proactive rather than reactive. Fraud is a complex, multifaceted threat to your data security, compliance standards, financial processes and reputation. Experian® can help you improve your fraud risk assessment process by identifying a variety of potential sources of fraud.

Qualify, quantify and rank suspicious activity

Experian's ASSIST//score helps businesses fight fraud by continually monitoring transactions, tracking trends and reporting potential illicit activity. It provides an automated, statistically based scoring and ranking system for identifying suspicious actions. It also helps you save time and resources while meeting anti–money laundering regulatory requirements.

Verify applicants and potential customers

You can avoid and mitigate certain risks simply by knowing your potential customers better. Experian offers a wide variety of products that allow you to authenticate identity, verify credit card usage, and locate inconsistencies between application and credit report data in advance. For business applicants, you can verify the business name and owners, prescreen their risk of going out of business and screen their likelihood of missing a payment with BizIDSM.

Streamline your fraud detection process

Using multiple fraud detection systems and processes can be distracting; it’s not easy to stay consistent and timely across numerous platforms. Precise ID® provides a single platform to help you detect, avoid and manage cross-channel fraud activity while helping you meet mandated government and industry regulations, such as the USA PATRIOT Act, the FACTA Red Flags Rule and e-signature requirements.


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