Fraud is a complex problem

With Experian as your partner, solving for it isn't.

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Safeguard your business from fraud

A robust fraud management process can help you identify risks that can lead to opportunities, as well as those that can lead to potential pitfalls. Fraud can severely undermine your adherence to ethics and compliance standards, business practice requirements, and financial reporting integrity — as well as damage your organization’s reputation and profitability. Experian can help.

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Here is how Experian can help strengthen your fraud management process:

Detect and reduce identity fraud

Monitor accounts for derogatory information and screen applications for inconsistent data. Experian’s extensive credit report data, scoring, screening and authentication tools support your business’s efforts to prevent and manage fraud.

Frictionless online fraud detection

Keep an eye on fraud schemes and identity theft by accessing our expertise and global experience with fraud protection.

Fraud prevention platform

Integrate fraud and identity services — Experian solutions, your internal applications, even third-party solutions — in any combination to meet your needs using our fraud prevention platform.

Improve operational efficiencies

Reduce fraud by authenticating credit card users at point of purchase and use predictive tools to make credit offer strategies even more efficient. Experian offers a range of fraud management products that help score consumer fraud risk and automate decisioning.

Satisfy compliance requirements

All organizations must comply with the federal Red Flags Rule to prevent, detect and mitigate the risk of identity theft. Experian can help assess your company’s vulnerabilities and customize a system to your needs, while assisting you to process verification and government list checks.

Prevent money laundering

The USA PATRIOT Act has asked businesses to help fight terrorism through diligent identification of money-laundering operations. Experian’s technology has led the way in helping hundreds of companies identify suspicious activity, mitigate risk and meet regulations.

Manage data breaches

Data breaches can occur at any time, in any part of your organization. Experian has handled more than 1,300 data breach events across a range of industries, successfully mitigating risk and minimizing cost for our clients.

Powerful fraud detection

Catch fraud and protect your consumers with FraudNet to lower fraud losses, protect the customer experience, frustrate fraudsters, and improve operational efficiency.

We’re here to help you navigate the complex fraud problem.

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