Fraud is complex, but with Experian as your partner, solving it isn’t. Our innovative technology enables businesses to prevent fraud by identifying credible customers and applying the correct treatment to the riskiest consumer and business accounts.

Experian can help you develop a layered risk management strategy so you can focus resources on growing and protecting your customer relationships.

Please note that the resources below are intended for businesses. For consumer-related fraud protection resources, please visit our Ask Experian blog.



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Thought leadership spotlight

Capturing the digital identity evolution through a layered approach

Learn how a layered approach can allow organizations to modernize identity and determine known, verified and unique individuals while also building in services customers want and expect.

First party fraud in PPP

Read our case study to learn how Experian’s Commercial First-Party Fraud Score revealed segments in a top lender’s PPP portfolio with drastically elevated risk of first-party fraud.

North America findings from 2021 Global Identity and Fraud Report

Explore what businesses and consumers prioritize in their online experiences following the pandemic.

White paper: Improving fraud detection by increasing identity layers

Explore how digital identity and technologies like machine learning, AI, and biometrics can be the key to addressing fraud attacks and other benefits. Learn more in this white paper.

2021 global identity and fraud report

The surge in digital demand over the past year reinforced the deep connection between recognition, fraud prevention and the online customer experience. Learn more about business and consumer priorities in our annual report.

Fraud + identity North America trends report

Our latest trends report dives into the new opportunities 2020 created for fraud and the opportunities to prevent it.

Preventing synthetic identity fraud

Preventing synthetic identity fraud requires more than standard fraud detection. In our newest perspective paper, we explore the dangers of synthetic fraud and how a multilayered strategy can help prevent it.

Global insights report - Feb 2021

Our latest report found that more than half of consumers still consider security to be the most important factor in their digital experience. Business are acting in turn, with more than half investing in fraud detection methods and software to reduce friction in the customer experience.

2021 data breach industry forecast

Our latest forecast includes five expertise-driven data breach trends that could damage our collective physical and technological health in 2021.

Cyber trends and the dark web

Get information on the latest cyber trends emerging and accelerating in 2020 as cybercriminal exploit the disruption and chaos brough about by social distancing measures.

Future of fraud forecast report

Learn more about the five fraud threats that businesses face in 2021 and how to anticipate potential new fraud schemes.

Connecting the dots of consumer identity

Find out why savvy marketers can no longer ask themselves if they should invest in an identity resolution solution, but when.

Turn recession response into a long-term plan

Learn about account takeover trends and how you can improve your fraud prevention strategy. 

North America insights report

Experian surveyed businesses and consumers in North America to learn more about their digital plans and expectations.

The fraud balancing act

Consumers look for security and convenience in their online activities, while businesses see the greatest value in delivering personalized digital experiences.

Account takeover fraud trends in 2020

A sharp increase in the number of online transactions is creating unique opportunities for criminals seeking to perpetrate account takeover fraud. Learn more about recent and upcoming trends.

Latest blog articles

Fraud and breach protection solutions banner

Solving the fraud problem: What is first-party fraud?

We’re looking at how to separate first-party fraud from credit risk and apply the correct detection and prevention methods. 

North America Insights Report

Solving the fraud problem: What is third-party fraud?

We’re looking at some of the key ingredients that create different types of fraud and why we need to approach each one differently.

Global Identity and Fraud Report banner

2020 global identity and fraud report

Our third annual Global & Identity Fraud report examines the need for balance between security, convenience and personalization.

Stopping insurance fraud

Stopping unemployment insurance fraud

Experian was selected as the exclusive partner for identity and fraud verification for the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Integrity Center.

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