Anti-Money Laundering Software

Financial institutions are being challenged by the rising incidence and complexity of financial crime. At the same time, regulatory requirements, such as the USA PATRIOT Act, have placed an increased burden on institutions themselves to combat money laundering and other types of illicit activity. As a result, financial organizations require an efficient method of detecting and reporting suspicious activity.

ASSIST//ck® is the powerful anti-money laundering software system from Experian that allows you to identify, track and report money laundering and other forms of potentially illegal activity. It monitors transactions to identify suspicious patterns while also allowing you to report them easily. By automating this complex compliance task, ASSIST//ck helps reduce the administrative burden and costs associated with anti-money laundering efforts.

How it works

ASSIST//ck monitors transactions of all types, from both domestic and international sources. It detects money laundering by interfacing with your back-end system to analyze how money moves in and through your business, helping identify relationships among users or accounts. In addition to flagging potentially illicit activity, it allows you to investigate further, document and report the activity to government/regulatory agencies.

Complete anti-money laundering compliance

ASSIST//ck meets regulatory requirements outlined by both local and international laws, including those specified by the USA PATRIOT Act. It also provides tools to file Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) forms, making it easy for you to complete regulatory documentation and reporting.

Monitor and manage anti-money laundering activity from anywhere

ASSIST//ck allows users to log in via Web browser from anywhere across a company’s intranet. This makes it easy for compliance officers throughout your organization to log in to the system remotely, regardless of where they’re located. Plus, the software’s case-management tool allows users to track, manage and coordinate investigation status.


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