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Create a consistent brand experience for customers across all channels.

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Use identity resolution to deliver a seamless customer experience

Customers interact with brands across a multitude of channels, and they expect to be recognized at every turn. Experian integrates our foundation in data and analytics with industry-leading technology to help businesses accurately identify customers during each interaction.

Leveraging Experian’s breadth and depth of consumer and business data empower you to authenticate users during each identity event. We reduce end-user friction and form abandonment by reducing the need for excess data input. We also increase the speed of your identity verifications with flexible step-up authentication tools so you can improve the customer experience without increasing risk.

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Customer-centric identification solutions

Our authentication and identity validation tools prioritize the customer experience without sacrificing security so you can onboard, authorize, and make great offers to customers with confidence.

Consistent brand experience

Engage with your customers in relevant, personalized ways to meet their needs and expectations.

Limit unnecessary friction

Improve the online application process by minimizing friction to increase your conversion rate.

Customer-centric solutions

Accurately resolve identities to create a single customer view and provide a personalized customer experience that can be deployed across brands, business units, and product lines.


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