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Target more effectively to increase ROI and maximize account lifetime value

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Wanting to acquire more customers is a given. Acquiring the right customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace? That’s the challenge. But we can help.  

Our robust suite of customer acquisition solutions fully automates the credit risk-based decisioning process through a fast, reliable process that requires no manual data entry. We offer capabilities for integrated workflow processing and a rules-based decisioning engine. We deliver a streamlined credit application experience for your customers, while lowering customer acquisition costs.

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Data-driven customer acquisition platform

We provide a self-service, web-based customer acquisition platform to give you the flexibility and tools to manage your marketing efforts all in one place. You can download lists, upload and enhance client files, as well as identify lookalike prospects while using credit and firmographic data to show a complete view of prospects and clients.

Leveraging world-class predictive and lifestyle data, you can build a precisely segmented audience for every campaign to achieve the best results. By defining unique characteristics of the best, most profitable customers, you can anticipate their future behaviors and buying trends, ultimately leading to increased conversions and ROI.

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Holistic customer management services

Target the right prospects by combining the power of B2B marketing and credit risk data to deliver a 360° view of a prospective client. These features specifically aim to help you find, acquire and retain more customers, while managing and tracking your marketing efforts from start to finish. We also offer consumer marketing programs for Experian Partner Solutions customers.

Covering acquisition needs across the board

Using our comprehensive data and advanced customer acquisition software, consider targeting, leveraging diverse datasets and decisioning crossed off your list.

Deliver credit offers with confidence

Streamline the credit customer acquisition process while reducing acquisition costs.

Self-service marketing done with data

Use different data sets to build precise lists to achieve your specific marketing campaign goals.

Take the guesswork out of targeting

Get a holistic view of your current and prospective customers so that you can find and acquire the right customers and keep the ones you already have.

Optimize your acquisitions

Leverage optimization to make customer-level decisions that deliver more targeted offers using the right medium to contact, thereby increasing response and acceptance rates.


Grow your portfolio with efficiency and intelligence

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