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Gain deeper insight by adding advanced decisioning to your existing loan origination system

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Acquire customers through adaptive and targeted loan origination solutions

Competition in a digital-first lending space is fierce and unrelenting. To win, you need more insight into the true nature and full value of prospects. The right strategies and means can keep you moving in an ever-more-profitable direction while also navigating an ever-changing business environment. You also need to approve your customers in a timely fashion and not risk losing them. 

Our loan origination software overcomes these obstacles with a flexible solution that builds on our deep expertise in customer acquisition so you can create, manage and improve strategies in a fraction of the time and cost it takes with other loan origination systems.

By automating data connectivity across credit bureaus and client sources, we allow your business to harness the value of expanding data assets for a complete view of prospects during the origination process.

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Enhance decisioning across the customer lifecycle

Powerful loan decisioning systems and business process management capabilities enhance the originations process while minimizing costly customizations or coding. This is complemented by real-time visibility, insight and controls every step of the way. 

Don’t let inflexible solutions become a barrier to efficiency and customer satisfaction. Conquer this problem by leveraging a loan origination solution that provides an ideal blend of data, advanced analytics, automated decisioning and execution needed to increase profitability, grow customer lifetime value and drive intelligent lending outcomes.

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Automate data connectivity across multiple sources

Loan origination software can help you harness the value of expanding data assets for a complete view of prospects. Verify customer identities and mitigate fraud risk through credit data, internal data sources and other enhanced data.

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Remain nimble and speed up loan processes

Swiftly and accurately evaluate a borrower’s ability to pay and integrate intelligent scoring to pinpoint risk. Gain flexibility to quickly respond to changing market conditions while also reducing time to decision and decreasing customer acquisition costs.

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Manage critical loan decisions through automated policy rules

Manage credit risk and fraud more effectively — and satisfy regulatory compliance demands. Additionally, access reporting to analyze all applications, decisions and operations to drive strategy improvements. 

Portfolio profitability

Quickly acquire high-value customers while offering them a frictionless origination process.

Digital transformation

Modernize your acquisitions processes and minimize manual reviews and inefficient workflows.

Comprehensive data

Integrate robust datasets, including credit bureau data, alternative financial services, rental payment data and consumer-permissioned data.

PowerCurve® Originations

Learn how to acquire more profitable customers through adaptive and targeted loan decisioning software and solutions.

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