For your knowledge – and convenience – the following page serves as a collection of resources related to the impacts of COVID-19 to your business and your customers. From the latest insights and trends, to thought leadership and press releases, check back often as this information is updated regularly.

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Listen in on critical discussions around pertinent industry data with the experts closes to today's trending topics.

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Market trends

The latest data and insights on topics like macroeconomic trends, risk indices, consumer sentiment and more.

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Thought leadership

Check out the most forward-thinking perspectives, trends and information so your organization can make the smartest decisions.

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In the press

We’re all in this together. Read how Experian is helping businesses through the global health crisis.

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Hear from experts closest to today's trending topics. Listen in on critical discussions around pertinent industry data as well as strategy sessions to help drive your business forward.

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Balancing risk by identifying consumer resilience on the road to recovery

Join experts from Experian® and FICO® as they provide insights into consumer credit risk trends and resilience strategies across the credit lifecycle.

Building a consumer-centric fraud & identity strategy

In this webinar, our experts discuss post-pandemic fraud and identity trends and best practices, including how to prevent bot-driven attacks, improving the customer experience while mitigating risk and more.

Keeping pace with collections compliance changes

The implementation date of the CFPB’s final debt collection rule is quickly approaching. To successfully adhere, while still maximizing dollars collected, learn how debt collectors can adapt their current strategies to meet the new ways consumers want to be served.

Managing credit risk in the post-pandemic world

As the path to recovery begins to unfold, identifying the insights necessary to navigate the post-pandemic world with confidence will be critical for financial institutions. In this webinar, we discuss the current economic outlook and holistic overview of topics that businesses of all sizes should consider.

Macroeconomic scenario and forecasting and regional trends - April 2021

As we prepare for a year of growth, find out where our experts are focusing their attention and what risks could impact the economic trajectory. Explore the latest trends and implications for your organization during the recovery.

Managing fraud and identity in 2021

Join us as we discuss the top fraud and identity trends for 2021—including first-party, synthetic identity, account application and account takeover fraud. We’ll also explore how fraud prevention and detection tools can become part of your growth strategy.

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Market trends

Leveraging the latest data, these resources provide you with insight into topics like macroeconomic trends, risk indices, consumer sentiment and more. Tap into these data sets to drive your forecasting and decision-making needs.

Weekly economic recovery trends

Watch as principal economist, Joseph Mayans provides insights on consumer spending, mortgage trends, unemployment trends, and more.

State of the economy report - July 2021

Explore state-level and industry-level data that banks, credit unions, and fintechs can leverage to track the downturn and be correctly positioned for the recovery in this monthly report.

2021 global data management research report

The global health crisis has caused enormous demands on data in the marketplace. Find out how data experts think you should be prepping for the future in our comprehensive research.

Beyond the trends report

Explore insights and commentary on how economic conditions, public policy, and other factors might shape future small business performance.

Macroeconomic Jobless Risk Index Map

Leverage our macroeconomic jobless risk index map to see which states are most likely to see the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Consumer insights infographic

See how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting spending, credit and financial well-being with data from our latest consumer research study.

Tracking the auto market

Analyze evolving automotive market trends, including dealer sales, web traffic and consumer marketing insights.

Experian Health COVID-19 Resource Center

Experian Health is here to help. Find solutions to your most pressing issues and concerns.

Consumer sentiment dashboard

View a time lapse of consumer sentiments across various industries. Click to see the dashboard.

COVID-19 Business Risk Index

Understand how the COVID-19 health crisis may affect business operations in your industry with this interactive map.


Make decisions with confidence with

Thought leadership

During a time of economic uncertainty, decisions can be difficult. We’re arming you with the most forward-thinking perspectives, trends and information so your organization can make the smartest choices for your customers and your bottom line.

Infographic: Factors impacting debt collectability

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the debt collection industry. As a result, lenders are reexamining their capacities for handling delinquencies. By leveraging data and advanced analytics to develop better strategies, you can make more profitable decisions and collect more debt.

Infographic: Alternative financial services insights

The population of alternative financial services data furnishers is expanding and non-traditional lending is becoming more mature, meaning there’s even more insights than ever before. Explore how this data can be instrumental to gaining a holistic view of your consumers.

eBook: Prospecting & digital marketing acquisitions

Effective targeting and conversion come down to more than just direct mail and email subject lines. Are you gleaning data-driven insights that can help your organization make the most of your marketing dollars? The time to move is now.

Tip sheet: Hyper-segmentation and targeting smarter

As consumers look to products to meet their current needs, hypersegmentation is critical for ROI as well as mitigating risk. Learn how you can level-up your targeting strategies and get a competitive advantage in this tip sheet.

eBook: Building a better digital patient journey

Explore the 5 key strategies you should be focusing on to craft a better digital patient journey – not only in response to COVID-19, but for a brighter, more consumer-friendly future for your patients.

White paper: The road to an uneven recovery

Understanding how states are recovering from the pandemic is critical for tracking nationwide economic recovery as a whole. Read this white paper for a dive into economic conditions at the state level.

Tip sheet: The fraud balancing act

While consumers place the most importance on security and convenience, businesses see the greatest value in delivering personalized digital experiences. How can your business manage this fraud balancing act? Read our fraud tip sheet to learn more.

White paper: Digitalization trends - 2021 insights

Download our new white paper to get a closer look at five ongoing technology trends that are likely to advance throughout the year.

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Read how Experian is responding to the health crisis

In the press

We’re all in this together. Experian is here to help. Supporting the CARES Act, offering free business credit reports for small businesses, and doing our part to protect consumers’ financial health are all part of what makes us the Consumer’s Bureau and a market leader.

America’s economic recovery must be a collective achievement

Experian North American CEO Craig Boundy expresses how critical it is for the financial services industry to work together to support consumers and maintain the integrity and openness of the credit market.

Free macroeconomic scenario forecasting webinar with initial insights from the impact of COVID-19

Data-driven webinar will highlight current trends, emerging patterns and highlight four economic forecast scenarios.

Free weekly credit reports to help Americans in response to COVID-19

Big Three U.S. Credit Reporting Agencies help Americans with more frequent access to credit histories for one year.

Putting our data and analytics to good use

Experian reaffirms commitment to help consumers, businesses and the community during COVID-19 pandemic.

Helping small businesses during the health crisis

Small businesses have free access to their Experian business credit report through May 1, 2020.

Experian Health will provide free access to a list of payer policy alerts related to COVID-19 and telehealth

List will include the more than 1,793 number alerts already sent by payers & will be continually updated.

We’re here to help businesses navigate today’s volatile economy.

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