Econ to Action - The 2024 Outlook

Listen as our experts dive into the 2024 outlook across national banks, mortgage lenders, and collections businesses in this special, in-studio episode.


The Fight Against Deposit Flight

Listen to our experts discuss how credit unions are navigating the economic environment and combatting deposit flight in this episode of our economic podcast series.


Fintech Funding

Listen to our experts discuss how the economic environment is affecting fintechs differently than other financial institutions and how fintechs are navigating funding in our current economy.


Tuning into Telecom

Listen to our experts discuss how telecommunication businesses are navigating the economic environment and how payment stress is affecting the industry


The Rise of “Kind Collect”

Listen to our experts discuss the relationship between the macroeconomy and collections and how collection businesses are using AI to balance fairness and recovery.


Responding to Regional Conditions

Listen to our experts discuss how different regional economic conditions affect banking across the country and how some regional banks are proactively shaping their business strategy.

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