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Powering the future with proprietary Experian data and economic, credit and market trends.


Econ to Action – The 2024 Outlook

Listen as our experts dive into the 2024 outlook across national banks, mortgage lenders, and collections businesses in this special, in-studio episode.

Credit trends & economic insights

Navigate tomorrow's economy with the latest economic insights and credit trends.


Macroeconomic forecasting & regional trends - February 2024

Join our experts in discussing the latest regional consumer spending and economic growth trends well as our in-house macroeconomic forecasts for the year ahead.


State of the economy report - March 2024

Explore state-level and industry level data that banks, credit unions and fintechs can leverage to track the downturn and be correctly positioned for the recovery in this monthly report.


Timelines of recession and recovery

Leverage analysis about an “average” recession, summary heatmaps and deeper dives into the last five downturns. Use trends and insights to inform strategies navigating the economy ahead.


Economic Chartbook: Setting the stage for 2024

Explore critical economic insights into the labor market, inflation, banking stress, delinquencies and more to prepare yourself for the year ahead.

Economic data

Make smart, long-term technology investments to stay ahead of the fast-moving market landscape.


Employment Change by State

Job creation remains an important indicator of the health of our labor market, especially in our shifting economy. Click to see fresh insights on employment change through both state and industry lenses.


Labor Market by State

Labor market trends may provide context into regions that are most impacted by macroeconomic shifts, the health of consumers as well as potential sectors of growth. Click to see fresh insights on labor market through both state and industry lenses.

Insights driven by Experian data

Check out the latest reports and thought leadership powered by Experian data across the auto, financial services, healthcare, retail and small business sectors.

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