Fast, Reliable Income Verification Services

You depend on accurate income information. Without reliable income data, it's difficult to gauge consumers' ability to pay, which can negatively impact everything from lending decisions to risk management and debt collection activity.

For credit issuers and loan underwriters, income verification is a critical function that both mitigates credit risk and prevents fraud.

Experian® offers income information that's secure, instant and available 24-7. A few ways you can use and benefit from our income products and services include:

Validate borrower income and reduce fraud

When a prospective customer applies for a loan, a new apartment or credit card, income verification is a critical step to determining his or her ability to pay. Income ViewSM offers a fast way to validate borrower-provided income against income tax data on file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), giving you a reliable method for verifying income.

Gain a full view of your customer's income picture

Income InsightSM provides a comprehensive measure of total income — including wages, rent, alimony and investments — giving you visibility into the credit capacity of your customers or prospects. Its income-estimation models can help you better understand the risk profile of your customers and enhance your underwriting and risk-assessment processes. Income Insight is built on bureau-exclusive predictors and verified income data, with real-time availability.

Estimate wage income

Income Insight W2SM provides an added level of transparency when validating a customer's self-reported wages. It can help you streamline your underwriting process by eliminating the need for time-consuming income verification. Income Insight W2 can be particularly valuable when dealing with low- to mid-range income levels where income is comprised primarily of W2 wages.


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