Fast, Reliable Verification of Income

Easy to set up and use, Income ViewSM validates a taxpayer's reported income against information on file at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Ensuring reliable data, it includes exclusive quality-control features to highlight any discrepancies between information from the applicant and what is reported by the IRS.

Income ViewSM Report

While other income verification tools merely list the applicant’s adjusted gross income, the Income View Report provides nine of the most often-utilized lines of information from the applicant’s Form 1040. Data is arranged in an easy-to-read report with the taxpayer's raw IRS transcripts attached.

Features and Benefits
  • Fast — receive verified tax information within 24-48 hours
  • Easy — web-based 4506-T processing
  • Comprehensive — returns up to 4 years of individual or business tax forms
  • Minimizes fraud — identifies any false or inaccurate information
  • Detailed reporting — summarized nine-line report plus tax transcripts 
  • Cost-effective — no sign-up fees or monthly minimums

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