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  • Improve customer acquisition strategies with targeted customer segmentation
  • Achieve better results by narrowing your customer focus and targeting distinct segments

With psychographic profiles, specialized research results and analytics tools, you’ll be able to identify viable prospective customers, develop more targeted and relevant offers and ultimately improve your ability to acquire new customers.

Target prospective consumers and business customers with the following selection of customer segmentation products:


Address Verification

Verify contact address data rapidly and accurately at the point of data entry. Experian QAS software can ensure customer data integrity, decrease address-correction charges and reduce the amount of returned mail.

Audience IQSM

Rank and index your consumer definitions across all geographies, including DMA, ZIP Code, cable zones, and trade areas. Determine everything from what broadcast and cable TV network programs your customers watch to which magazine and newspapers they read online.

Battling for Balances

Balance transfers represent a critical important revenue lever in the market. Developing effective strategies for targeting and retaining the optimal balance-transfer candidates are well worth pursuing.


Target consumers by behavior instead of demography. Learn more about how the television viewing behavior of certain consumer segments — using Nielsen and Simmons reported data — enables you to determine your most profitable consumer segments.


Achieve better response rates on offers to new customers using highly targeted marketing lists.

Data Integrity

Beyond data quality metrics, is your data credible? This is the next line of questioning that may come your way from regulators and other external parties that are focused and chartered to test and sample your data.

Digital Acquisitions

Financial services marketers face a unique problem when it comes to acquiring creditworthy customers online. Consumers love personalized offers. But the usual behavioral targeting and click stream activities can't predict what will happen once they enter the approvals process.

Financial PersonalitiesSM - Marketing Based

Campaign targeting and tailoring tools that leverage category-specific customer segmentation frameworks based on consumers' needs, attitudes and behaviors; enables you to achieve improved marketing ROI.

Household Deposits ScoreSM

The Household Deposits Score is a discrete score that enables sales and marketing professionals with the ability to materially improve the performance of their deposits campaigns by providing an estimate of total household deposit balances held at financial institutions.

Mobile Banking

The way people engage with their bank is dramatically changing and for good reason. Mobile banking offers many advantages and the perception around mobile banking is shifting from a "nice to have" to a requirement.

Mosaic® USA

Segment U.S. households and neighborhoods into 60 unique Mosaic types in 12 groupings for more precise customer segmentation, prospect profiling, direct marketing, customer acquisition modeling, store location selection and geographic market analysis.

PINpoint Services

Get a single, enriched customer view for relationship building, cross-selling, collections and risk management strategies.


Qualifies and segments your prospect list according to your unique credit criteria so you can target consumers most likely to respond to your credit offers.

Prospect NavigatorSM

Transform the way you acquire, analyze and use consumer purchase intelligence by leveraging all the elements of successful database marketing without sacrificing data freshness.

Rental Payment Data

The inclusion of rental payment data in credit files allows you to expand the creditworthy universe of prospects who were previously unscoreable and part of the thin file or “no hit” population.


An advanced customer segmentation system that delivers insights into consumer behavior and attitudes across 209 media markets, which enables your company to effectively understand and target its market.

Simmons Segmentation Systems

Better target your most receptive consumers by recognizing their behavior and attitudes by using specific customer segmentation systems.


Archive Services

Understand how your customer segments have changed in the new economy. Determine if new, more profitable customer groups now exist, or find emerging markets that provide new opportunities.

Credit Migration SolutionsSM

Alerts you to changes in your consumer’s credit behavior so that you can make timely offers or increase lines of credit and tells you when customers hit your risk threshold so you act quickly and reduce losses.

Credit Profile Report

Having the most accurate data and access to more than 220 million credit-active consumers lets you make informed customer acquisition decisioning.

Credit Statistics

This customer segmentation tool helps predict financial behaviors within a given neighborhood and identifies your most profitable target audience. Select variables to create custom models that predict response, activation, multi-buyers and retention rates.

Debt-to-Income InsightSM

More effectively target customers by customer segmentation based on their debt-to-income ratio.

Decisioning as a Service

Decisioning as a Service is a streamlined delivery method engineered to help Experian clients gain greater value from data and decisioning products. It does so by providing flexible, real-time, access to more data sources, attributes, scores and analytics.

Experian Credit EducatorSM

Build strong relationships with loyal, creditworthy customers when you provide them with personalized education sessions with a trained Experian Credit Educator agent.

Experian TAPSSM

With TAPS (Total Annual Plastic Spend), target high-spending consumers and accurately estimate a consumer’s spend on all general purpose credit and charge cards over the last 12 months.

Financial PersonalitiesSM - Credit Based

Campaign targeting and tailoring tools that leverage category-specific customer segmentation frameworks based on consumers' needs, attitudes and behaviors; enables you to achieve improved marketing ROI.

Income InsightSM

Improve your account-acquisition segmentation by targeting customers within a desired income range.

Instant Prescreen

A quick and easy cross-selling tool that lets you immediately extend preapproved offers of credit to prospects when they’re most responsive — at the point of contact.


Maximize profitability and your marketing dollars by sending preapproved offers to the right prospects at the right time.


Prequalify consumers for credit in real time - enabling you to match consumers to loan options at the point of contact. Engaging consumers online, on the phone or face-to-face when they are engaged and most likely to respond will generate profitable leads for you.

Prospect TriggersSM

Achieve increased response rates to your pre-approved credit offers by reaching consumers at the precise time they actively are shopping for credit.

Trend View

Unlock the power of trending and make the most appropriate offers to customers and prospects at precisely the right time by understanding a consumer’s past payment behavior.


Business Owner Profile

Identifies small business owners who operate several seemingly unrelated companies. Using advanced intelligence, this application identifies the common owner so you can increase the efficiency of your acquisition marketing efforts.

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Case Study: Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union

Learn how our client exceeded its ROI target by almost 200 percent using Experian’s Auto In the Market ModelSM product.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Market to Your Best Prospects and Spend Less

Use Audience IQ to meet your digital target marketing needs.

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