Instant PrescreenSM

Acquire New Customers and Deepen Account Relationships

Instant Prescreen is an instant decisioning product that turns data into knowledge and knowledge into new, profitable relationships. Instant Prescreen is a quick and easy cross-selling tool that lets you immediately extend preapproved offers of credit to prospects when they’re most responsive – at the point of contact.

Maximize Opportunities with Real-Time Credit Decisions

When interacting with prospects, whether online or in person, lenders have only a brief window of time to maximize new account opportunities. With Experian’s Instant Prescreen, you can increase your new account acquisitions by making instant, preapproved credit offers to qualified customers or prospects at the point of contact. Instant Prescreen is a non-consumer-initiated transaction that works in the background while you’re completing the original transaction.

For example, a consumer visits your branch to open a checking account. While you’re getting information from the consumer to open his or her account, you can initiate an Instant Prescreen request to see if the consumer would qualify for overdraft protection, a credit card, or perhaps even an auto or home-equity loan. If the transaction comes back as preapproved, you can make the offer to the customer. Now, instead of offering credit applications, you can sell your loan products.

Online Prescreening

Traditional preapproved credit offers can take as long as six to eight weeks from the initial credit screen to mailing the actual credit offer. Instant Prescreen increases your new account acquisitions by performing the preapproval process in seconds, while the customer is on your Website, on the phone with you or at your institution.

Easy Delivery Access

Instant Prescreen is quick and easy to implement. Access is available through eSolutions, Net Connect frame relay or a variety of other vendors.

Whenever you’re in contact with a potential prospect, simply enter his or her identifying information into Experian’s decisioning platform. If the prospect meets your criteria, the system will respond with a “yes,” thereby enabling you to make your preapproved offers of credit instantly, at the point of contact.

Implementation Options Include:
  • Instant Prescreen - Our simplest and quickest product. Select from industry-standard risk scores and predefined criteria.
  • Advanced Instant Prescreen - This highly configurable product allows you to select from a large number of attributes and models to make credit decisions and determine the appropriate product offering(s). Experian’s highly predictive Premier AttributesSM are also available.
  • Custom Instant Prescreen - Our most flexible product, for clients who have complex decisioning needs, utilize custom models or attributes, or integrate client-supplied files for suppression or decisioning purposes.

With a wide range of implementation options, Experian® has an Instant Prescreen option to fit your budget as well as decisioning requirements.

Make Better Decisions Throughout the Customer Life Cycle

Our Advanced and Custom Instant Prescreen solutions are delivered via Experian’s Decisioning as a ServiceSM environment. Decisioning as a Service provides clients with flexible access to data, attributes, scores and decisioning to make better mission-critical decisions across the Customer Life Cycle, and it can be used to increase qualification, approval and take rates, while reducing bad debt and lowering overall operational and manual review costs.

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Instant Prescreen Advantages

  • Immediately present a preapproved credit offer while the consumer is online, on the phone with you or at your institution
  • Increase the total number of products per customer
  • Increase the acceptance rate of your offer while lowering

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