Automated decision powered by real-time analytics and advanced decisioning logic

Leverage state-of-the-art decisioning, analytics, data and expertise to optimize your business strategy

Experian PowerCurve® is a unified, component-based, automated decision engine that incorporates Experian’s comprehensive data, strategy design, decision automation, and detailed monitoring and reporting to help you understand data and make fast, efficient decisions that support your strategic goals. PowerCurve helps you engage the right customers, verify identity, serve existing customers better, optimize collection and recovery, and balance risk and reward. 

We help businesses across the entire customer lifecycle — be it acquisition, retention or growth, spanning across a variety of industries, including banking, telecommunications, mortgage, leasing, insurance, automotive, retail, finance, public sector, small business, unsecured lending and beyond. 



Dynamic decisioning at the speed of now

PowerCurve gives you the insight and strategies you need to efficiently and confidently make decisions that lead to business growth.


Learn how to optimize your decisioning strategy with PowerCurve

End-to-end customer journey strategy optimization

PowerCurve components for each stage of the customer journey

Experian PowerCurve uses data science, analytics, technology and consultancy to help build customer loyalty and grow your portfolio. With its flexible component-based platform, PowerCurve allows you to power decisions at all points of the customer lifecycle or fill in exactly where you need it most. PowerCurve is available as a cloud decision engine or as an integrated platform within your onsite system through our decision engine software.


PowerCurve® Originations

Derive deep insights about new applicants to help make lending decisions that are compliant and fair, reduce fraud, and minimize the likelihood of bad debt at the point of application.


PowerCurve® Customer Management

Create a holistic profile view of each customer to make smarter account-level decisions, increase customer loyalty, improve collections activities and better manage risk.


How PowerCurve works

  • Data connectivity and enrichment across multiple bureaus and supplementary sources 
  • Intuitive user interface for business users 
  • Drag-and-drop strategy design capabilities 
  • Anytime omnichannel access through website, mobile, call center, branch and more 
  • Cloud access or onsite integration 
  • Access to Experian experts and consultants 


How PowerCurve can help

Insight – Access and validate more customer data for improved accuracy, instant decisions, reduced fraud risk and greater regulatory compliance. 

Flexibility – Tailor the solution to utilize just the capabilities you need, and easily scale to match business growth. 

Control – Remove dependency on IT support by empowering business users to maintain control over decision points, adapt quickly to changing market conditions, and access real-time visibility. 

Agility – Monitor your strategies and introduce challenger models to quickly implement process changes and improve portfolio performance.



Optimize your end-to-end decisioning strategy with our automated decision engine.

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