Capture valuable behavioral data to make smarter customer-focused decisions

PowerCurve® Customer Management is a powerful software solution that enables better portfolio management and collections decisions by providing a holistic profile view of your customers. With the ability to include multiple scores and attributes, this dynamic profile helps automate and maximize portfolio management and collections strategies. This robust tool includes an easy-to-use design studio, which makes it simple for business users to create and maintain the most effective decision strategies.

With PowerCurve Customer Management, financial service providers can automate recurring portfolio management and collections decisions to increase customer loyalty, improve collections activities and better manage risk.

Data, analytics, decisioning strategy and operational integration

Holistic customer data and analytics

Easily capture and store behavioral data across the entire customer relationship with your organization, with the ability to also incorporate multiple other data sources.

Powerful decisioning engine

Quickly analyze customer behavioral data for more accurate portfolio management, collections and event-based decisions.

Easy strategy design

Use our strategy design studio for web-based strategy design and deployment executed within your PowerCurve operational environment.

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Experience faster strategy deployment

Our strategy design studio empowers business users to design decisioning strategies, create segmentation, deploy models, and determine strategy and action assignment, and then deploy these to the PowerCurve operational environment for execution. The effectiveness of these strategies can then be monitored and further refined with complete visibility.

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Turn insight into action with PowerCurve Customer Management

Learn how getting more insight into your customers’ behaviors can lead to improved portfolio performance

Harness the value of PowerCurve Customer Management

  • Make smarter decisions based on more complete customer behavioral data.
  • Drive efficiency through a powerful, automated decision engine.
  • Reduce operational costs; lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Constantly evaluate and improve decision strategies.
  • Improve KPIs by operationalizing model predictions.
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Turn insight into action with PowerCurve Customer Management

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