Big Data and Analytics

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  • Learn how Experian Clarity Services clients can enhance business processes with reliable and seamless income and employment verification that can reduce costs and complexity with a frictionless customer experience.

  • Case study: MSUFCU and automated decisioning
    Document Published Date: May 16, 2023

    Learn how MSUFCU increased their automation rate to over 55%.

  • In today’s market, macro factors can quickly shift the lending environment, disrupting the performance of your risk models and decisioning strategies. Our infographic shares three key actions that can help your organization proactively monitor model and strategy health.

  • In this on-demand webinar, industry experts explore how optimized decisioning strategies can help businesses navigate market volatility.

  • Watch this on-demand webinar for a discussion around market trends and how businesses are using AI to power their decisioning strategies.

  • Infographic: 5 benefits of AI for lenders beyond COVID-19
    Infographics Uploaded Date: Jun 3, 2021

    As the pandemic-stressed economy transitions into recovery, lenders are looking for ways to strategically grow their portfolios in this new reality. With digitalization remaining a top priority for the new year, institutions must uncover new ways to use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and analytics tools in their strategies and business processes.

    In this infographic, we’ll dive into the ways financial institutions of all sizes can benefit by incorporating AI and ML into their business processes.

  • Tip sheet: Leveraging data in a post-pandemic world
    Infographics Uploaded Date: Jun 3, 2021

    While the economy’s volatility has led to a tightening of lending strategies over the past year, lenders need to seek new areas for growth. These strategies include expanding the credit universe, driving growth and retention, and optimizing decisions.

    Learn more in our new tip sheet.

  • Case study: Detecting income tax underreporting
    Document Published Date: May 25, 2021

    Underreported individual income tax is one of the largest, but most challenging problems facing tax and revenue agencies today. Using our advanced analytics and custom model development services, learn how one agency was able to detect over $33 million in tax revenue gap and prevent future underreporting of taxable income.

  • E-book: Recommended attributes for economic recovery
    Document Published Date: May 7, 2021

    View our latest interactive e-book to learn how you can leverage recommended attributes for economic recovery to develop a more focused portfolio management strategy, enhance predictive performance and better serve your customers.

  • Learn how Experian collaborated with Gather Federal Credit Union to implement a frictionless digital prequalification solution that led to bookings of over $600,000 in new personal loans and credit cards in just 3 weeks.

  • eBook: To charter or not to charter
    Document Published Date: Mar 19, 2021

    Fintechs have and are disrupting the business of banking. It no longer just revolves around taking deposits, making loans and facilitating payments. While some fintechs are specializing in just one aspect, many continue to expand their service offerings, constantly asking the question, “what other customer experience can we revolutionize?” If this sounds like your fintech, you must first ask yourself, do we need to operate like a bank in order to meet our goals?

    Learn how regulatory decisions may impact fintechs in 2021, the pros and cons of bank-fintech partnerships and the different types of bank charters and their advantages in this eBook.

  • Infographic: Model management - What lenders should do now
    Infographics Uploaded Date: Mar 12, 2021

    For many lenders, changes in the economic environment can create many disruptions – especially when it comes to their analytical models and lending strategy. Learn about some key actions credit risk executives should do now in this infographic.

  • Discover how organizations can transform their lending strategies for post-recovery with AI and advanced analytics and learn about ways to implement these new technologies.

  • In this webinar, our experts will discuss the latest trends in ethical artificial intelligence (AI) and fairness in the US and across the world.

  • Webinar: Charting the new normal for consumer credit
    Webinar Published Date: Dec 9, 2020

    Experian and Oliver Wyman teamed up on a data-driven exploration to investigate how the economic measures have been used and the impact they have had on both the economy and credit landscape.

  • During our Experian Telcom Symposium Series our expert speakers discuss how machine learning can be used to make data-driven decisions more responsibly and fairly, reduce bias, control risk and improve the customer experience.

  • Accelerating recovery with digital transformation e-book
    Document Published Date: Sep 29, 2020

    For many organizations, navigating and recovering from these volatile times will remain top priorities as they begin strategizing for the future. The first step – digital transformation.

    Download our e-book to learn how your organization can use the power of data and automation to transform your business.

  • Learn how Experian® partnered with OneAZ Credit Union to implement an advanced decisioning system that increased efficiency and improved their member experience, leading to a 26% increase in booking rate immediately after implementation and a 25% decrease in manual reviews.

  • 2020 State of Alternative Credit Data white paper
    Document Published Date: Sep 17, 2020

    Explore the world of alternative credit data in our 2020 State of Alternative Credit Data white paper. Discover the latest consumer and lending insights, the regulatory landscape and how alternative credit data is being used across the lending marketplace to reduce financial volatility and mitigate risk.

  • Focusing the lens on collections
    Webinar Published Date: Aug 5, 2020

    We recognize that utilities providers have a common pain point when it comes to subscribers: it’s troublesome when they don’t pay their bills.

    Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to make better data-driven collections decisions. Our speakers will discuss optimizing field collections and disconnects, running a more effective service center and better allocation accounts to collections agencies.

  • Credit strategy is a key technique used by leading organization to distinguish themselves in today’s competitive landscape. When it comes to credit risk, it’s no longer enough to be a gatekeeper. You need to be a strategic advocate.

    As the speed of change increases, organizations need tools, techniques and new approaches to help them manage customer decisions. Download our white paper to learn how to make enhanced customer decisions that support your strategic goals, so you can achieve and sustain significant growth and profitability.

  • FCRA Compliance Overview
    Document Published Date: May 12, 2020

    Financial institutions are responsible for regulatory compliance when requesting and using consumer reports, which includes adhering to all applicable federal and state statutes and regulations and ensuring that you have the correct policies and procedures in place.

    Download this overview to help you get started with various FCRA requirements when requesting and using consumer credit reports for an extension of credit permissible purpose.

  • Preparing for CECL and beyond
    Document Published Date: Oct 28, 2019

    It’s time to close the CECL readiness gap. Current expected credit loss, or CECL, will effect the biggest change in accounting standards in a generation. Lenders must be able to show that, in the event of a financial crisis, their books will prove to be in good shape.

    This white paper will help during your CECL implementation project and beyond.

  • 2018 Public Sector trends and insights
    Document Published Date: Jul 11, 2019

    Download our infographic to learn more about the state of data management, data in the digital age, and what drives Public Sector data strategies.

    Click here to learn more about our data quality solutions.

  • Realizing the full potential of data
    Document Published Date: Jul 11, 2019

    Our 2019 global data management research uncovers key trends around global data practices and common challenges across industries.

    Download the infographic to view the trends.

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  • Battling for balances: An Experian Perspective
    Document Published Date: Jul 2, 2019

    Lenders need to target and retain the most lucrative consumers to expand their portfolios. Balance transfers represent a critically important revenue lever in the market. By understanding the drivers behind transfers and improving response rates through propensity modeling, you can develop a strategy to target and retain optimal balance-transfer candidates – those who will deliver returns with minimal risk.

    Download the perspective paper to learn more.

  • You make thousands of important decisions — across lines of business, the Customer Life Cycle and channels — every day. A decisioning ecosystem can help you make faster, better, more consistent decisions, and improve your business performance. Read our perspective paper to find out how.

  • Shifting strategies towards a truly customer-first model
    Document Published Date: Apr 2, 2019

    Digital transformation is dramatically changing the way consumers and businesses interact. And while ubiquitous data and new technologies create huge opportunities, competition is fiercer than ever. Customer experience keeps being redefined, raising the bar for all industries to catch up.

    In this infographic we explore how, in their quest for sustainable growth and market leadership, businesses like yours are shifting their strategies towards a truly customer-centric or ‘customer first’ model.

  • Business leaders today recognize a myriad of benefits the digital economy has to offer, such as improved customer experience and better insight for decision-making. Despite these advantages, organizations struggle to deliver the experience they would like, and data isn’t always in a suitable state to be used for this purpose.

    This study provides a unique perspective on customer experience as it relates to digital transformation priorities and challenges. Check out the full report for our in-depth analysis and key findings, such as:

    • The increasing revenue impact of the digital economy
    • The growing focus on customer experience in the digital era
    • The ongoing need for quality data for analytics
    • The implications of digital transformation on governance
  • Collections Optimization
    Document Published Date: Dec 8, 2017

    This paper focuses on how collection activites can be carried out on individual customers, and how these actions can be chosen to optimize overall performance in the collections environment.

  • Optimizing real-time marketing
    Document Published Date: Dec 8, 2017

    Optimization enhances in-bound marketing systems, processes, analytics and data you have in place today so you can fine-tune your customer contact activities to achieve maximum return on investment.

  • Taking the pain out of data migrations and ETL projects
    Document Published Date: Sep 18, 2017

    Data is at the heart of every organization. And data migration and ETL projects are important undertakings for many businesses as they underpin the success of many strategic initiatives.
    Yet, despite the importance of data, half of these data migration initiatives fail to meet their objectives, with many of those
    being abandoned after their budgets run out. Learn more from our white paper to see what you can do to make sure data migrations and ETL projects run smoothly and painlessly.

  • Analyze, improve, and control your data with Experian Pandora—a powerful data profiling, integration, and discovery
    solution that helps you discover relationships between siloed data, as well as create business-specific data quality rules and dashboards. With its automated alerts, audit trails, and data policy enforcement, our data management tool gives you the means to manage and monitor your data quality around the clock.
    Experian Pandora is an on-premise solution that proactively profiles data, giving you unprecedented insight into all
    of your business’s information. Our data management solution is the go-to solution for data migration, data integration, and overall data management projects.

  • EducationDynamics improves marketing with data enrichment
    Document Published Date: Sep 13, 2017

    EducationDynamics provides marketing and information services to over 900 colleges and universities across the globe. They work with each educational institution to accurately target, attract and connect students to schools. EducationDynamics looked for technologies that could increase their ability to better match a student to a school.

    They chose Experian Data Quality after an exhaustive search for a predictive analytics solution that combined both first- and third-party information to better determine whether individuals were suitable for their schools’ programs.

  • Financial services firms have vast quantities of data, much of which is used during the course of their day-to-day operations. However, many fail to fully exploit that data, due to a combination of inadequate systems and siloed teams. Not only that, concerns over the quality of that data result in process duplication as teams feel the need to redo reports they have received.

    Take a look at how Schroders Bank used Experian Pandora, a data management solution to identify data issues and assure the quality of their investment data.

  • As organizations today look to their data to power business opportunities, the role of the chief data officer (CDO) is becoming increasingly mission-critical. While the value a CDO brings to businesses is widely acknowledged by C-level executives, not all CDOs are set up for success. In our latest research report, Experian Data Quality spoke with over 50 CDOs to understand how their roles have changed in recent years, and how the realities of the position may differ from CDOs' expectations.

  • Introducing PowerCurve Collections
    Video Uploaded Date: Aug 1, 2017

    PowerCurve Collections

    Now there’s a way to unlock the power of data and analytics for a process that is individualized, efficient and fair. With PowerCurve Collections, you can build a collections process that puts customer needs at the center of your strategies. Identify the appropriate action, at the right time in a way that is convenient for customers. The result? A cost-effective and compliant process focused on retaining valuable customers.

    Make confident decisions in a complex world. To learn more, click here.

  • The three pillars of identity relationship management
    Document Published Date: Jul 13, 2017

    Identity relationship management is the next generation of identity management. Identity relationship
    management isn’t just knowing who a person is (or is not) or may (or may not) be at a particular point in time.
    Rather, it links people, places and things and enables a dynamic, context-based strategy that organizations
    can apply confidently throughout the User or Customer Life Cycle.

  • Financial institutions strive to simultaneously combine the essential resources, such as data, analytics, and software along with industry best practices, to meet their customers’ needs. They want to find ways to appeal to the ever-increasing expectations of their clients. And with pressure from regulators, they need the ability to build compliance into processes, data collections, and analytics. In short, businesses need smarter solutions that combine the elements not always readily available, or easily implemented through in-house solutions.

    Prescriptive Solutions take predictive analytics a step further by bringing data and analytics together with software and expert guidance to create a flexible solution that is optimized to address specific needs or use cases.

  • Every contact with a customer is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship. Even when it comes to debt collection. Sometimes customers forget to make a payment, or fall on hard times and struggle to make multiple payments. Knowing the difference matters and it should inform your actions.

    Make confident decisions in a complex world. To learn more, click here.

  • Reject inference: iterative reclassification
    Document Published Date: May 13, 2016

    Reject inference is the practice of using information to make a probabilistic guess as to the outcome of an application that was declined by a lender. In this paper, we walk through three approaches to iterative reclassification and provide an assessment of their efficacy based on classification accuracy.

  • Shaping the Future of Online Marketplace Lending
    Video Uploaded Date: Dec 3, 2015

    The evolving landscape of online marketplace lending and the future of the industry.

  • The State of Online Marketplace Lending
    Document Published Date: Dec 2, 2015

    In 2008, a short two years after the first online marketplace lenders opened for business, the Great Recession began to wreak havoc on worldwide financial markets. Small businesses struggled to survive, banks failed and access to capital was limited. More online lenders saw an opportunity and opend for business. These technology-driven newcomers hired an army of data scientists, coders and digital marketers. In the fall of 2015 the innovation, industry disruption and regulatory uncertainty that characterize this dynamic sector led Experian to produce a series of articles focusing on different aspects of online marketplace lending. This report contains those articles.

  • Infographic: Big Data Being Used For Good
    Infographics Uploaded Date: Jul 14, 2015

    Big Data can have a significant impact on society. In this Infographic we highlight a few examples where Big Data has been used to turn insights into action, and serve society in a positive way.

  • Conquering Big Data Challenges
    Document Published Date: Jan 1, 2015

    Financial institutions have invested in Big Data for many years, and new advances in technology infrastructure have opened the door for leveraging data in ways that can make an even greater impact upon your business.

    Big Data is not just about increased data and storage. It is about finding opportunity in your existing data sources and scaling for the future.

  • Bluestem Brands, one of the United States¿ largest catalog and online direct marketers, faced the challenge of how to best leverage its abundant customer intelligence

  • Growing business by providing finance for its customers
    Document Published Date: May 1, 2014
    A leading global technology supplier uses Experian to improve their business agility and market flexibility with global consulting and powerful decisioning tools