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Product Sheet

BustOut ScoreSM

Prevent Bust-out Losses with Industry Leading Analytics

  • Reduce bust-out losses through early detection
  • Minimizes customer impact with low false-positive rate
  • Implement with no significant IT investment through an easy-to-interpret credit-based score
  • Easily incorporate into existing account review or acquisition processes

Bust-out is a deliberate, patient form of fraud. Also known as sleeper fraud, it occurs when a consumer applies for and uses with the intent of maxing out all available credit and eventually disappearing. Experian's BustOut ScoreSM was specifically designed using credit data to detect bust-out fraud before serious losses occur.

Detect Bust-outs Three Months In Advance

BustOut Score was designed to predict bust-outs three months prior to the intended bust-out date, allowing creditors to action on the high-risk account and mitigate extensive financial consequences.

Provide 360-Degree View of Consumers

Leveraging the power of credit data, BustOut Score is a consumer-level score that incorporates all financial relationships, credit histories, payment data and balance information into a single number.

Incorporate Multiple Issuers’ Data

BustOut Score was built using historical bust-out data from multiple large issuers. This approach offers a well-rounded perspective of bust-out perpetrators that no single creditor can provide.

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