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Executing Effective Validations in 2011 & Beyond

Attend a complimentary webinar hosted by VantageScore Solutions, LLC to better understand how well your credit scoring models are performing.


Experian is known for helping companies build successful relationships with their customers. Now, Experian is the source for interactive education for credit and marketing professionals – check out our series of free webinars.

Aligning Decision-Making Improvement Initiatives with Business Goals and Objectives

Every day, your organization makes hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions. Many of these decisions could be enhanced with improved decisioning capabilities that can help your organization generate more revenue, reduce operational costs, minimize losses to bad debt and to fraud, and ensure that you remain in good standing with the regulatory community. Learn how identifying, prioritizing and implementing enhanced decision-making capabilities can deliver significant business benefit.

Collecting More with Less: Best Practices for Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness

Learn how you can improve collections in today's challenging business environment.

Credit Data to Evaluate Risk in U.S. Small-Businesses

Dan Meder, will share findings from Experian’s recent Business Benchmark Report that includes information on emerging trends in the business population broken out by size of business, industry group and region. Dan will also highlight ways to use this type of data in making the best and most educated underwriting and credit decisions. Co-sponsored with Risk and Insurance magazine.

Credit Scoring and Mortgage Modifications: What Lenders Need To Know

To mitigate the negative impact caused by increasing numbers of seriously delinquent mortgages and foreclosure actions, the U.S. government and mortgage lenders developed various programs aimed at helping homeowners better manage their mortgage debt and meet monthly mortgage payments. Learn how mortgage restructuring programs such as government sponsored modification programs, short sales, foreclosures, and are impacting consumers' credit scores.

Credit Scoring in Volatile Times

The webinar applies best-practice analyses on credit scores to assess levels of continued performance for both new accounts and existing account management in light of significantly deteriorating conditions. A critical review is undertaken on real estate loans with emphasis on the States most impacted by credit deterioration.

Living Inside the Law: A Regulatory Update for Financial Services Marketers

Learn about the new research conducted by Experian to help you understand the latest trends and changes in the consumer and commercial credit markets. These changing trends point to the vital and necessary paradigm shift in the way lenders make decisions for loans and credit.

A regulatory update for financial services marketers It's gotten so a financial services firm can't do anything without approval from the legal department. How can you market across numerous channels when hampered by Gramm-Leach-Bliley, the FCRA and other laws?

This Webinar will discuss the regulatory outlook and show how companies are building safeguards that can protect them from public relations catastrophes and costly legal actions.

You will learn:

  • Best practices in data management
  • The latest developments in both federal and state law regarding data use and transfer
  • What to do to make sure your organization remains compliant
  • How to secure your data and avoid the PR disasters that have hit several companies
  • How to make your staff privacy conscious


  • Martin E. Abrams, senior policy advisor to Hunton & Williams' Privacy and Information Management Practice
  • Tony Hadley, vice president of Government Affairs, Experian
  • Ray Schultz, editorial director, DIRECT Magazine
Improve risk prediction in a changed environment

Learn about what VantageScore 2.0 brings to the credit scoring market by viewing a complimentary webinar, “VantageScore 2.0: A New Version for a New World.”

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