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Verify Customer Eligibility with Connect Check/PlusSM

Instant insight into new service applicants

Avoid fraud, reduce financial loss, maximize customer value and identify prior customers with Connect Check/PlusSM. This real-time product verifies an applicant’s identity instantly, determines your prior relationships and related bad debt, pulls a credit report; calculates the right service offering, and returns an automated, customized message. This limits your risk and maximizes your profit potential.

Leverage Your Customer Relationships

The ability to leverage your customer relationships starts from the moment a customer applies for service. Your profitability depends on the ability to prevent fraud, mitigate risk, provide the right offering and collect previously unpaid balances.

Connect Check and Connect Check/Plus were developed specifically for the communications and energy industries to help you manage new service applications. The base Connect Check product enables you to verify a caller’s identity instantly. Connect Check/Plus adds critical risk management, fraud decisioning, propensity modeling and prior account linkage — all in real time at the initial point of contact.

Connect Check/Plus ensures that good customers are treated as such and riskier ones are handled in ways that limit your potential losses. Identify new opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell quickly, easily and with minimal training.

The Connect Check/Plus Suite:
  • Ensures consistent business policy implementation through customized decision messaging
  • Speeds customer acquisition and approval
  • Reduces fraud and credit risk
  • Provides new cross-sell and up-sell marketing opportunities
  • Identifies prior account relationships so you can continue service options and collect outstanding prior balances
Consistent Customer Care

Connect Check/Plus allows you to customize the messages and information returned to your service representatives so you can ensure that new applicants receive the care your business policies require. Your custom message consists of several options tailored to your business needs:

  1. Instant ID verification. It’s critical to verify the customer’s identity, especially when you may provide service without actually meeting the customer.
  2. Fraud decisions. You can customize service messages if there are fraud alerts on file or if a credit file is frozen.
  3. Prior account linkage. Customers return — sometimes using different names, addresses, Social Security numbers or other ID variations. Because Experian has billions of data points on customers, we can identify prior account relationships and help you match outstanding bad-debt balances to current accounts. When your IT resources are stretched thin or customer data is shared across multiple business units, Experian® can provide insight into customer relationships.
  4. Risk decisions. Set your credit score limits for deposit or service decisions based on a variety of generic — or custom — risk models.
  5. Secondary models. Incorporate a second model into your decisions. A propensity model can guide your service representatives in presenting the correct service and product offering to the customer for maximum value.
A New Level of Customer Insight

Use the power of Experian’s Connect Check and Connect Check/Plus to make more informed, profitable customer decisions. We’re here to help. Call us or visit our Web site to put our experience to work for you.

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