A powerful risk model for service providers

Developed for telecommunications, energy, cable and other service providers, Experian’s TEC ConnectTM is built using actual service payment histories.

The model analyzes a consumer’s credit profile and calculates a numerical score that identifies the likelihood of serious delinquency or derogatory behavior on telecommunications and other types of service accounts. This differs from other commonly used risk models, which predict performance on any type of account.

In numerous score comparisons, the TEC Connect risk model has proven effective beyond all other methods for targeting and acquiring the right customers while identifying and reducing risk throughout the Customer Life Cycle. The model’s ability to assess creditworthiness better than other bureau risk models allows utility and service companies to identify and acquire more low-risk accounts, which reduces bad debt and increases overall portfolio profitability.

Using TEC Connect, service providers can:
  • Score more consumers, reducing the need for manual reviews
  • Reduce risk and increase profits through more accurate risk prediction
  • Determine deposit/no deposit requirements for new accounts
  • Streamline account management strategies
  • Segment and prioritize collection accounts

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