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A first-of-its-kind credit profile that streamlines the application approvals process

In today’s uncertain times, balancing the desire to make positive credit decisions and the need to prevent fraud can be difficult. As synthetic identity fraud grows, it's becoming harder and harder to identify legitimate consumers.

Enter Experian’s Sure Profile™. It provides a composite history of a consumer’s identification, public record, and credit information and determines the risk of synthetic fraud associated with consumers. Experience the future of underwriting with greater confidence in your application approvals and minimized portfolio risk.


Changing the game

Learn how this groundbreaking enhanced credit profile stops synthetic fraud at the front door.


Comprehensive data resources

Industry-leading authoritative​ database with information on ​220M+ consumers and a vast set of continuously refreshed data points.

Powerful decisioning

The Ascend Identity Platform™ unites ​data with machine learning models to resolve identities and definitively isolate synthetic traits.

Instant turn-key delivery

Offering top-of-the-funnel fraud insight that enables lenders to proactively weed out synthetic identities and verify consumers.

Synthetic identity fraud is a multibillion-dollar problem.

Read IDC's perspective paper on the effects of SID on banks and how Experian's Sure Profile can help*.

*Please note that loss coverage and assurance is no longer offered with Sure Profile.

By choosing our enhanced credit profile, you gain a partner to help:

  • Avoid high-risk synthetic identities and losses through our risk-segmentation and alert approach
  • Improve operational efficiency now and downstream by preventing synthetic identities from entering the portfolio
  • Distinguish fraud losses that are typically miscategorized as credit losses
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The growing impact of synthetic identity


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to download the full perspective paper from IDC.

9-15% of credit card losses can be due to synthetic identity fraud - Experian
Sure profile statistic


Sure Profile FAQs

What is Experian’s Sure Profile? 

Experian’s Sure Profile is a first-of-its-kind enhanced credit profile that not only provides a composite history of a consumer’s identification, public record, and credit information, but also determines the risk of synthetic fraud associated with the consumer in review.  

What is synthetic identity fraud? 

Synthetic identity fraud is a type of fraud in which a criminal combines real and fake identity elements to establish a credit record under a new identity. Fraudsters often utilize SSNs from children, the elderly, and others, combined with additional PII data elements to apply for credit until it gets approved. This information is used to open fraudulent accounts, maxing out credit lines, before busting out. 

Synthetic identity fraud allows the criminal to steal money from creditors including credit card companies who extend credit based on the fake identity. 

What are the key features of the Sure Profile? 

Identity Assurance – Experian provides a designation of assurance for trades in which Experian is confident belong to authentic identities or pose low synthetic fraud risk.

Risk Segmentation Alerts – For inquiries that pose a synthetic identity risk, Experian provides a risk indication associated to synthetic identity fraud back to the client. These alerts allow you to apply the proper verification strategies necessary to validate the identity of the consumer. 

What is the benefit to using Sure Profile? 

While Sure Profile provides initial protection at acquisition, consider the following benefits to your business processes:  

  • Reduction in operational costs and resources to downstream verification processes  
  • Upfront insight into synthetic identity fraud risk to continually monitor approved trades  
  • Reduction in collections related operations  

How does Sure Profile function with Experian’s other fraud products? 

Sure Profile is the credit profile that provides insight into synthetic identity risks. Additional fraud tools such as CrossCore® and Precise ID®, are available to leverage proper processes in making a credit decision. 

How does Experian identify synthetic fraud? 

Experian machine learning models analyze various trade and identity behaviors to isolate traits and predict synthetic identities. By uncovering certain trends and anomalous instances, our machine learning models continue to improve synthetic identity capturing capabilities.


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The rapid shift to transacting online created new opportunities for identity theft and fraud as cybercriminals have increased access to individuals' crucial information on the dark web. Experian has been recognized as a leading solutions provider - offering innovative fraud and global data breach services.

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