Transform disconnected data into actionable intelligence

Getting an accurate view of your customers can be complicated, especially if you have multiple databases, legacy systems or complex customer-care applications. Experian PINpoint Services identifies and links customer information across disparate systems to provide you with a single, fresh and enriched view. With PINpoint Services, you can determine if new applicants have an existing or prior relationship with you, enabling you to prevent fraud, make more informed decisions and collect outstanding debt upfront.

Drive profitability with a full, accurate view of your customers


Gain a complete view of your customers across business units, databases or companies.

Increase dollars recovered

Match outstanding closed balances to current, active accounts for successful collections efforts. 

Strategic insights

Identify applicants who had a prior positive relationship for cross-sell or upsell opportunities.

Unlock the full potential of your data

Learn how PINpoint Services can help you make better data-driven decisions

Product features

  • Increased matching accuracy – Match customer records to your internal records and Experian’s consumer credit database.
  • Data accuracy and freshness – Leverage Experian’s File One™ consumer credit database, which includes information on more than 245 million consumers.
  • Business intelligence – Detailed linkage analysis reports highlight key customer overlap observations, such as dollars at risk, dollars to recover and duplicate records.
  • Flexible delivery options – Receive a batch delivery or an encrypted PIN in real time, at the point of customer application. 
  • Data enrichment – Enrich your customer data with names and addresses that are kept current through updates reported to Experian’s consumer credit database. 
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Gain greater insight with integrated customer information

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