Identify growth opportunities and manage risky accounts

Having the right portfolio management solution is critical to retaining the right customers and managing delinquencies while continuing to increase growth and profitability. Experian’s Quest and Ascend Quest™ allow you to efficiently conduct account review and manage your portfolio. Unlock greater insight with access to thousands of data elements, including risk scores, income models, credit attributes, segmentation data and payment history.

Enhance your portfolio intelligence

Mitigate risk

Detect signs of payment stress and identify risk prior to default. Create treatment strategies from lowering credit limits to early collections activity.

Increase revenue

Identify customers eligible for retention opportunities, offer more competitive rates, understand share of wallet, make line adjustments and ensure the right customers are rewarded.

Improve efficiency

Reduce operating expenses associated with model development. Leverage templates to rerun frequently submitted requests and conduct regular account review.

Implement proactive account management strategies

Gain full visibility into your portfolio to make quicker, more confident decisions

Flexible account management solutions

Leverage our customized approach or put yourself in the driver’s seat

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Quest provides full-service portfolio reviews tailored to your unique business needs. Access flexible customization along with the expert consultation of Experian business analysts.


Ascend Quest

Ascend Quest offers a convenient self-service portal for on-demand access to the freshest account data available. Effectively manage your portfolio risk and identify opportunities for growth faster than ever before.

Quest and Ascend Quest can help you

  • Mitigate risk – Enhance portfolio risk management with regular account review in order to identify riskier accounts before they become delinquent. 
  • Manage credit lines – Increase credit limits and reward the best customers while offsetting potential losses with higher APRs and credit limit restrictions.  
  • Manage early delinquency – Identify accounts with the greatest recovery potential by leveraging risk, recovery and revenue models with collections-specific attributes. 
  • Evaluate portfolios for acquisition – Quickly determine the value of a portfolio for mergers and acquisitions.  
  • Meet regulatory requirements – Comply and stay current with government regulations.
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Identify changes in consumer credit behavior

Available through Quest, Experian can help you maximize your relationships with customers and prospects as their credit behavior changes over time. This capability can be used throughout the customer lifecycle to alert you to changes in credit scores, credit balances, utilization and other attributes. 


Find out which account management solution is right for you

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