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Credit marketers who evaluate the right data assets to supplement targeting efforts will emerge quickly over the next 18 months as leaders in portfolio growth. The key is getting the right product to the right consumer at the most appropriate time.

Experian Data Integrity Servicesâ„ 

Experian Data Integrity Services SM offers reporting tools and metric packages that deliver actionable output relative to consumer tradelines and disputes.  To adhere to regulatory requirements, data furnishers should ensure they are implementing policies and procedures that meet obligations and standards related to data accuracy.



Discover the power of data quality

  • Adhere to regulatory requirements
  • Ensure a positive customer experience
  • Effectively and efficiently manage disputes
  • Confidently address consumer questions

Experian’s data reporting tools

The Metric Report™ can help you to identify and correct Metro 2 submissions and failures through a recurring, low-cost report that offers visibility into ‘fatal errors’.

  • Low cost
  • Visibility into problem areas
  • Account-level detail


Experian Custom Data Review Packages


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