Debt Portfolio EvaluatorSM

Prevent the disconnect that can occur between what buyers are offering for delinquent accounts and what creditors believe the portfolios are worth. You can now assess a debt portfolio’s true value and recovery potential before you buy or sell.

Experian's Debt Portfolio EvaluatorSM helps debt buyers and sellers quickly and accurately evaluate collections recovery and profit potential on a debt portfolio. Get a competitive edge when making debt portfolio purchase or sale decisions with this advanced analytics tool.

What You'll Get
  • A record-level credit summary of each consumer in the portfolio, excluding the return of consumer identification data elements, so no credit inquiry logged
  • Knowledge of the recovery potential of the portfolio and insight into how many consumers may be at risk of filing for bankruptcy in the next 12 months
  • Statistical summary report providing portfolio-level details
Gain Powerful Knowledge
  • Determine a portfolio's true value prior to purchase or sale
  • Obtain accurate, up-to-date data on 33 collection-specific attributes
  • Verify whether quality contact information is readily available
Make Intelligent Debt Buying Decisions
  • Fast turnaround gives you more time to evaluate a portfolio
  • Powered by Experian's proprietary Find Consumer search logic, giving you superior match rates
  • Obtain information via summary report and individual debtor information
  • Flexible record formats make it easy to integrate into your own debt buying analysis program

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