Maximize your debt collections efforts and minimize your operational costs

Collection Report is a customized credit report designed specifically for use in the collections process. Collection Report overlays the most up-to-date and comprehensive consumer data with collections-specific indicators to help you optimize your debt recovery process, improve your skip-tracing efforts and take action when your chances of recovery are the highest.

Three collections-specific credit report options to streamline your collections strategy

Standard collection report

Get relevant information focused on skip-tracing, debt collection and account prioritization.

Collection credit report

See a full credit history with insight into a consumer’s available credit, Experian’s RecoveryScoreSM bankcard model and tradelines sorted by account type.

Custom collection report

Access additional account tallies by status, tradeline tallies on number of accounts, available credit, optional collection score, Social Security number status and tradelines with activity in the past 12 months.

Access comprehensive credit and locator information in a single report

Learn how Collection Report can help you home in on the consumers with the highest collection potential

Leverage Collection Report to improve your collections workflow

  • Easy-to-read, digestible format 
  • Helps determine which accounts are likely to be profitable to pursue
  • Minimizes negative information on the report (delinquent/derogatory and public record information), which may be viewed as uncollectible
  • Provides immediate warning of uncollectible accounts
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