Prioritize your unpaid accounts with daily notifications

Collection TriggersSM is a robust, flexible account monitoring tool that quickly and effectively monitors triggering life events on individual unpaid accounts, including new employment, recent credit inquiries/trades and new credit lines.






Driving profitability with deeper insights

Learn how triggers can provide a more holistic consumer view and improve prioritization of your collection efforts.

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Triggers for all stages of the collections recovery process

Early-stage delinquencies

Monitor accounts for public record, civil action, tradeline and demographic events.

Charged-off accounts

Prioritize and segment portfolio strategies based on key trigger events.

Uncollectible, warehoused and post-judgment accounts

Get an instant notification if a debtor resurfaces or experiences an improvement in financial status.

Increase your recovery rates by targeting the right accounts at the right time

Learn more about how timely insights from Collection Triggers can help prioritize your collections efforts

Product benefits

  • Identify a consumer’s risk or ability to repay – Identifies and alerts you of key points in a debtor’s life cycle to maximize profitability when capacity to pay is improving 
  • Push notifications – Notifies you automatically when an event happens 
  • Dynamic and flexible – Criteria is customizable and monitored
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