Maximize your collections efforts by increasing your right-party contact rates

Identifying and maintaining current addresses and phone numbers for accounts is critical to your outbound communication efforts. TrueTrace™, our most powerful skip-tracing product, provides you with accurate data from unique sources to locate consumers, identify the right-party contact (RPC) and decrease wrong-party connects. 

TrueTrace can be accessed in a batch format or online through TrueTrace Live™.

Optimize your outbound communication strategies

High-quality data

Our superior matching logic ensures the most accurate data is returned.

Increased RPC rates

Superior matching logic ensures the most accurate data is returned with testing showing a 10 percent lift in RPC over the competition.

Flexible formatting

Streamlined file-mapping capabilities help integrate with internal or third-party software.

Ensure accurate consumer contact data

Leverage our unique data sources

TrueTrace is available in flexible and convenient delivery options

Improve your right-party contact rates with the most accurate contact data available.



TrueTrace can be accessed in a batch format through a secure file-transfer method.


TrueTrace Live

TrueTrace Live is available on the web through Experian AccessSM or XML.

TrueTrace leverages proprietary and exclusive data sources to improve your hit rates.

  • Core consumer credit database of more than 245 million consumers and 140 million households 
  • 100 million thin-file and underbanked consumers 
  • Listed, unlisted and wireless numbers from Experian’s FileOne™ 
  • Clarity’s expanded payday information 
  • Experian® RentBureau® property management data  
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Maximize your outbound communication efforts.

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