Streamline your collections efforts and increase your recovery rates

Collection AdvantageSM makes collections efforts as fast and efficient as possible by allowing you to effectively segment, prioritize and make contact on collections accounts by leveraging specialty collection scoring models. Whether the goal is to prioritize accounts by highest propensity to pay or to focus on the most potential dollars to recover, this flexible solution enables you to target the accounts worth working on.

All the tools you need for a comprehensive and efficient debt-recovery strategy

Sophisticated analytics

Get access to credit-based scoring, consumer contact data and analytical services.

Account prioritization

Target accounts that are worth working on to maximize your collections efforts.

Customizable attributes

Access an array of attributes for analyzing your accounts, including credit availability, recent credit inquiries and newly opened trades. 

Learn how Collection Advantage can optimize your collections efforts

Gain comprehensive insight into your debt portfolio

Complete portfolio intelligence

Incorporate the predictive power of Experian’s best-in-class models to efficiently manage your debt portfolio.


PriorityScore for Collections

PriorityScore for Collections is our suite of debt collection scoring models that can be easily integrated into Collection Advantage to increase dollars collected and optimize resources. PriorityScore uses collection scoring models to help you segment and prioritize your debt portfolio.



RecoveryScore 2.0 is a credit recovery score that uses a behavior model to prioritize charged-off accounts based on their collectability. It rank orders charged-off bankcard accounts based on potential amount recovered, helping you target the accounts with the highest dollar recovery potential.

Collection Advantage helps you:

  • Increase collectible dollars with less time and effort by providing necessary information to effectively segment, prioritize and make contact on your collection accounts .
  • Reduce data costs and save time by using one vendor instead of gathering pieces of information from various vendors.  
  • Control your expenditures by only paying for the data elements you select. 
  • Track debtors and locate skips more efficiently by obtaining up-to-date background information on debtors.  
  • Combine comprehensive contact data on more than 140 million households and 19 million businesses. 
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Maximize dollars recovered with data-driven prioritization


chance that an account that's 90 days past due will pay


chance that an account that's six months past due will pay


chance that an account that's more than one year delinquent will pay

Streamline your collections efforts.

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