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"Working with Experian, we have been able to reduce our bad debt, to reduce our delinquency as well as to grow the business."

Bruno Mariejeanne, Sr. Director
Direct Energy


This scalable and robust technology receives, validates and processes applications from multiple channels and enriches application data from relevant internal and external data sources.

Risk and Retention Triggers

Take control of your portfolio and identify your customers' developing credit problems before they affect your profit margin.

Client Segmentation Helps Focus Resources for Collection and Acquisition

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Direct Energy

Bruno Mariejeanne, Senior Director, Direct Energy

I am responsible for credit and debt management at Direct Energy as well as the credit granting and collection management process.


My biggest challenge in the credit process is trying to grow the business and trying to sell to the right customer. That has been our main concern on the credit side. On the collection side, our biggest challenge is trying to get the right segmentation so we will be able to focus on the highest risk rather than focus on everybody.

Core Solutions

In the past three years I have implemented many of Experian’s tools. One we decided to use was the Tech Score with Experian. In addition, we work with Experian to implement the Transact system. Experian has helped us to build the system, and we’ve been able right now to use the PIN technology, the transact decision tools to be able to have a proper acquisition process. On the retention side, we’re also using the trigger. This has helped us in the past years to reduce our churn rate. Using the Retention Trigger has helped us proactively offer the right product to the right customer. And now we’re looking at the final stage -- we’re looking at the score, the recovery score, as well as looking at the trigger.

Experian's Consultative Approach

I do like the innovation of Experian in trying to help their client move to the next level, and partnering and participating in the objective of the client. Working with Experian, we have been able to reduce our bad debt, to reduce our delinquency as well as to grow the business. Let me give you a good example from the acquisitions side: Before, we had about a 20 percent approval rate. Working with Experian’s credit score, the new Tech Score as well as looking at the attributes, now we’re looking at about a 30 to 36 percent approval rate. On the delinquency side, we’re also able to see reductions in the past-due accounts.

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