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We leverage our breadth of expertise to provide a holistic identity solution to the market. Hear what some of our experts have to say.


Multidimensional data

Leverage Experian’s comprehensive and diverse digital and offline data sources to resolve, verify and authenticate identities.

Pinpoint and accelerate engagement

Model and use accurate, reliable digital and offline data to make confident decisions and safely fast-track consumer and business engagement. 

Flexible, scalable solutions

Interconnected data and systems that create attribute-rich and unique consumer profiles for improved identity proofing, insights, targeting and efficiency. 

Future-proofed innovations

Implement new technologies and make smart, long-term technology investments to stay ahead of the fast-moving market landscape.

Predict and prevent threats

Data science and transformative technology partner with advanced deterministic and probabilistic capabilities to mitigate risk and protect data privacy. 

Provide peace of mind

Offer consumers comprehensive identity protection solutions that can drive engagement and help prevent and detect potential fraud.

How we can help

Our innovative, multilayered digital identity solutions enable organizations to recognize, verify and authenticate consumers and businesses through identity proxies, contact and personally identifiable information, and behavior patterns across the entire user life cycle with the opportunity to provide identity protection and restoration solutions.

Two heads are better than one

Identity resolution

Reduce friction and enhance the user experience by using data to confirm identities and provide a consistent brand experience.  

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Identity management

Gain a single, validated view so you can authorize users across platforms without increasing risk.

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Identity verification

Identify and authenticate users by verifying input information against authoritative sources during the acquisition, origination and re-recognition stages.

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Eliminate duplicate patient records and improve patient safety with the right matching techniques.  

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Consumer identity protection

Help consumers prevent identity theft to keep them and your organization safe.

Experian powers organizations to recognize and connect with consumers and small businesses in more personalized, meaningful and secure ways.

Making identities personal

In our latest white paper, we explore how identity solutions are the key to providing meaningful, personalized and secure experiences.

Recognize and protect identities with confidence using our flexible digital identity solutions.

With multidimensional data sources and advanced, predictive analytics, organizations can mitigate risk, protect privacy and make confident decisions across the consumer and business life cycle.

63 percent

of consumers say they’ll share their data and see it as beneficial to them

(Source: Global Insights Report – April 2022) 

70 percent

of consumers say it’s important that companies they frequently deal with online are able to identify them across visits

 (Source: 2022 Global Identity and Fraud Report) 

43 percent

of providers have improved security for remote access services.

(Source: Survey: The state of patient access 2.0)  


We can help you make identities personal.

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